A 19-year-old babysitter in New York babysitter was arrested after driving drunk with four kids under the age of 11 in her car.

Sabrina Macri was apprehended by Suffolk County Police after a concerned witness had seen the inebriated young lady and blocked her from leaving a parking lot, risking her own vehicle to do so.


She was found with four children, all boys, in her care at the time. Authorities say she was having difficulty finding her car in the parking lot to begin with.

When she found it, the concerned citizen took action.


Ms. Macri was charged with driving while intoxicated, aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child passenger 15 years old or younger, four counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

She was held overnight and arraigned on July 1st.