In April of 2015, Amanda Taylor posted a graphic Instagram message.

Her friends knew the 24-year-old had been going through hell on earth since the suicide of her estranged husband Rex, but her surprising words disturbed them nonetheless.

“Everything I did was for the right reasons. I stabbed my father-in-law to death because he destroyed my husband…” she wrote. “I wasn’t the perfect wife but this was one last good thing I could do.”

The mother of two young children outright confessed to the crime on social media. She posted a follow-up to that post on her Facebook: “I proudly did this for Rex.”

When police had discovered her father-in-law, identified as 59-year-old Charles Taylor, stabbed to death, a massive manhunt began. Amanda was on the lam and threatening to end her own life just to be with Rex.

Rex had been struggling with several addictions, as well as depression. Amanda had always blamed Rex’s dad getting him hooked on prescription drugs, stemming all the way back to when he was just 15 years old.

As Rex’s issues worsened, Amanda told him she didn’t want the drugs around her kids and they separated in April of 2014. That’s when Rex moved back in with his dad. But by August, he was dead. He hanged himself in a shed on his son’s seventh birthday.

Amanda was beside herself. She’d been through a lot and had a rough upbringing, but his suicide pushed her over the edge. She believed Charles was to blame for Rex’s suicide, and nothing was changing her mind.


On March 27, 2015, the birthday that both Amanda and Rex shared, Amanda went to his graveside and attempted suicide. She survived it and checked herself into a hospital to get help. She was released on April 1st against her own wishes and those of her mother.

Three days later, Amanda went to her now-ex-father-in-law’s home with her friend Sean Ball. Charles was going to give her money for the kids for Easter. Before he could, Amanda stabbed him to death as he sat on the couch. She even made sure it happened at exactly 3:27 p.m. in an effort to celebrate the birthday she and her former husband shared – 3/27.

On Facebook, Amanda said, “I proudly did this for Rex. I love my children, but Charlie killed my husband.”

On Instagram, next to a picture of a silver revolver on her lap, she posted, “Alright… it’s about that time. I’m going to go find my husband in Hell & finally be at peace. I love you, mom & my beautiful crazies. I know you’ll give them the life I just couldn’t after everything. I can’t apologize because I’m finally going to be free.”

Later, Sean was found by the side of a road with life-threatening injuries. It’s believed that Amanda had turned on him and had shot him and left him for dead. As he was being rushed to the hospital, police were able to throw down spike strips across the road in front of Amanda’s car. It punctured her tires and she was arrested in North Carolina.

As Sean recovered in the hospital, he was charged with second-degree murder. Amanda told authorities she’d used a knife because she wanted Charles to see who had killed him. She was charged with first-degree murder. Then, despite several confessions, Amanda chose to plead not guilty.

At the trial in November of 2015, the jury heard that she’d stabbed Charles 31 times with the knife and had also aimed for his face and chest. The medical examiner said 11 of the stab wounds had had the potential to be the lethal ones.

Amanda had even taken a selfie at the scene with the bloody knife and the body of her now-deceased father-in-law behind her. It hasn’t been released to the public.

Amanda smirked throughout her trial.