Sick: A probable cause affidavit stated that the middle school educator and the youngster had consensual sex at least twice between June and august of last year 

Three months of fun can lead to six to 30 years years behind bars. Just ask Mary Faith McCormick, a 32-year-old married mother of one daughter and now-former middle school teacher in Arkansas.

She was arrested last August when photos and texts between her and one of her 13-year-old male students’ phones were discovered by one of the boy’s 12-year-old female friends after the girl had borrowed his phone.

The young girl had found a picture of the teacher in nothing but a towel in the boy’s SnapChat conversations…among other things.

It all started when the young boy was dared by a friend to ‘hit on’ Mrs. McCormick. He and a friend did just that and ended up going to her apartment to watch a movie. After the friend left, the sixth-grade youngster stayed behind and he and the teacher ended up in the bedroom having sex – one of at least two ‘consensual’ times they had intercourse, according to a probable cause affidavit.

When police investigated, they ended up seizing two USB thumb drives, an iPad, two iPhones, and a desktop computer. They found multiple exchanges of genitalia between the two and at least one topless photo of the now-defunct teacher among the plethora of explicit text messages. Seen in wet hair and breasts exposed, the photo was captioned, “I’m not dirty anymore”.

McCormick pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual assault for the three-month affair and stepped down from her teaching gig in September after being released on a $50,000 bond.

Her sentencing is scheduled for July 30th, when she faces anywhere from six to 30 years in prison.

Wife: McCormick, who is pictured with her husband, had sex with the boy at her home
McCormick pictured with her husband.