6 Police Officers Arrested for Racketeering Scheme Where They Stole Money, Planted Evidence “too many times to count”


Jeffrey Walker told jurors that the Philadelphia Police Department drug squad targeted white “college-boy … khaki-pants types” who were “easy to intimidate.”

Testifying against his colleagues, a former Philadelphia cop told the court about the extortions, robberies, drug deals and other abuses perpetrated by six narcotics officers currently standing trial for a six-year racketeering scheme. Ex-Officer, Jeffrey Walker admitted he began stealing from crime scenes as a junior patrolman. He worked with the six defendants until 2009, when he turned to alcohol following what he described as a “messy” divorce. He was arrested in 2013 after he broke into a jailed suspect’s house in order to steal money and marijuana – only to find out the suspect had been a FBI informant and the whole operation was a sting. He is cooperating with the authorities in order to avoid a life sentence. More than 160 drug convictions have been overturned since Walker pleaded guilty and six other narcotics officers were named in a 26-count indictment on charges ranging from racketeering conspiracy, extortion and robbery to kidnapping and drug dealing. Numerous civil rights lawsuits are pending as well.

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