A woman in Florida who had been carjacked, beaten and almost raped was told by a dispatcher that police could not help her. The woman recounts that she was on her way to a nearby store when her kidnapper, 41-year-old Anton Gardner, jumped into her car and made her drive around town. Gardner took her money and phone and demanded she perform a sex act on him, but she refused.

The victim said that Gardner became angry that she was only driving on main roads, so he started to hit her in the face and smashed her around by her hair.

She managed to escape from the car to her home, which was outside the city limits, and found a phone. The woman then called 911 and was told by the operator that in order to be helped by DeLand police, she would need to walk down a dark road by herself to reach DeLand’s jurisdiction. She was told that a DeLand police officer couldn’t leave their jurisdiction to meet her and that she would have to get back to city limits where the crime occurred.

Police officers were eventually sent to the scene, but only after the victim argued with the dispatcher for 15 minutes.

Gardner was arrested and booked in the Volusia County Jail. Gary Davidson, spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, said that the actions of the dispatcher during the call are being investigated.