A young Alabama man has been arrested and charged for setting an elderly man on fire.

18-year-old Thomas Sims is accused of killing 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus.

Birmingham Police officers responded to a scene early on Wednesday morning and found the victim on the ground in the backyard. His body was severely burned, and he was pronounced dead on the scene by fire and rescue.

Witnesses say they saw a fire in the backyard, and also reported seeing a black male running down the alley with a red gas can. They followed him until police arrived.


Police are actively looking for a second suspect.

Mr. Sims has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond

The Birmingham Police Department is asking that anyone who may have information pertaining to the case please contact them at their Homicide Unit at 254-1764, or Crime Stoppers at 254-7777.