An Arizona man who’s been charged with killing the family dog and putting it in a barbecue smoker said the devil made him do it.

42-year-old Patrick Zane Thompson was arrested Saturday and charged with several animal cruelty counts, along with assault and threatening charges, after family says he began acting erratically.

He saw his 17-year-old daughter wearing a T-shirt that he thought had Satanic overtones, and said that the Bible tells him he needed to make a male sacrifice in order to atone for it.

Rather than sacrifice himself or his six-year-old son, he’s alleged to have grabbed the family’s 15-pound white poodle and tried to leave the house.


He then allegedly strangled it and put it in an industrial-sized meat smoker in his yard because he believed he had to put the dog in a “lake of fire”.

Police found the dog’s charred remains inside the smoker.

He said that he’d smoked marijuana earlier in the day and started to have “an episode” after seeing his daughter’s T-shirt and burning that in the smoker as well.

He became convinced that he had to sacrifice a male or God would kill his family, claiming that the devil ultimately made him do it.

He’s being held in the Maricopa County jail on a $20,000 bond and is due in court on May 23rd.