An Arizona man was arrested after authorities found video of him having sex with a dog while investigating an online sexual relationship he was having with two pre-teen girls.

Officials in Kansas notified Mesa, Arizona police about 21-year-old Aaron Thomas Usery in the forbidden Internet relationship with two 12-year-old girls.

A parent of one of the girls told Overland Park police that their daughter and a friend had been in an inappropriate “relationship” with a man online since September of 2014. Authorities there say evidence found on the two victims’ electronic devices had photographs and videos of Aaron, his online moniker being “Zel the Wolf,” that were of a sexual nature.

The girls had sent him nude pictures and videos of themselves in return.

Police confiscated his computer and his cell phone, and found sexual pictures and videos of him and the girls.

During that investigation, they ran across a video showing him engaging in sex acts with his dog.

He was arrested charged with sexual exploitation a minor, providing obscene material to minors, luring a minor for sexual exploitation, and bestiality.