36-year-old bodybuilder Richard Nash was found guilty at a trial at the Exeter Crown Court this year. He was arrested after he went into a chopping frenzy last August when he was denied entry to a pub in Exeter Devon.

Nash had left his home nearby that day with the axe after an argument with his wife and was planning to use it to clear a camping space in the woods. He went into the pub to buy tobacco but was ordered out when customers spotted the weapon.

Later he met 26-year-old Mark Peach and 29-year-old builder Kevin Latimer outside of the pub and attacked them for no apparent reason. After the attack, one victim was left with a gash in his neck and the other with a deep cut to his arm. Police arrived on the scene and Nash told an officer that he was ‘the son of Lucifer.’

Richard Nash has been sentenced to three years in prison.