Surveillance video reveals Thomas Jennings being beaten by two NYPD officers on July 7th inside a Brooklyn grocery store.

Before the beating, Jennings and an unidentified man argued with an employee over the price of a pizza slice. The unidentified man pulled a knife on the employee and they allegedly stole the pizza along with some salt and pepper shakers.

The police later found Jennings blocks away from the pizza shop inside a grocery store in Brooklyn.

The footage begins with Officer Lenny Lutchman verbally confronting Jennings who puts his hands up. A few moments later, Officer Pearce Martinez rushes up and blindsides Jennings with several punches to the head. Then Lutchman joins in by beating him with a baton.

After the beating, two more officers arrived on the scene to help handcuff Jennings.

Jennings required five stitches for a head injury inflicted by the officers.

He was charged with resisting arrest and robbery.

Jennings was held in jail until July 13th, but was released after prosecutors decided not to present his case to a grand jury.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson are investigating and reviewing the video.