A 40-year-old male (for a change) high school teacher in California has been arrested after he allegedly engaged in sexual relationships with two former students.

Gary Bettencourt stands accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old victim from early in 2015 until she graduated this past summer, and another student for two years when he worked at another high school a decade ago.

In a shocking twist, the most recent victim has also alleged that Bettencourt’s girlfriend, 22-year-old Devyn Egan, molested her too.

Devyn Egan used to be a student of Bettencourt’s too, by the way.

Charges were filed against the couple on Monday, and it’s believed there could be more victims.

Los Banos Police Chief Ray Reyna said, “Throughout the investigation, we received several pieces of evidence which included social media. We recovered information from computers, so we were able to tie some information to our second victim. Their charges involve unlawful sexual acts with a minor, lewd contact, and several other charges related to that type of conduct.”

“We believe there are more victims, and the detectives are working to identify them through the social media communications,” Reyna continued.

Drugs and alcohol are also believed to have played a role in these forbidden relationships.

Bettencourt had been suspended without pay since September for the accusations. He  now resides in the Merced County jail – as does Ms. Egan.