A Chicago man who’d been shot seven times by Chicago police back in 2014 made known he was suing the city, Wednesday, for a whopping $15 million. Just minutes later, leaving the building, he was taken into custody on murder charges.

Dominiq Greer, in a press conference at his attorney’s office, announced he was suing the city for excessive force following a chase in which cops shot him seven times in just a few seconds.

On that date, July 4, 2014, he fled from officers and ran into an alley. While there, he tried throwing a handgun onto a roof, but stumbled and fell.

Chicago officers then opened fire, hitting him in his right arm, his right leg, and right foot. Then Mr. Greer got back up and was shot four more times; in his right arm, his left arm, his chest and his back.

He then asked the officers, “Why are you shooting at me?”

His attorney said in a statement, “As a result of his injuries, my client, who is a father to a 5-year-old boy, will have permanent and lifelong injuries. He cannot pick up and hold his son.”

But just after showing surveillance footage and announcing their $15 million lawsuit against the city, cops arrested him as he was walking out of his lawyer’s office.

He’d been wanted on a warrant for the first-degree murder of a 22-year-old man back on May 27th.

While those charges are technically still pending, authorities say the investigation led them to believe he’d been the gunman in the apartment during the shooting.

The attorney representing him for the lawsuit isn’t representing him on the murder charges, and learned about the arrest and charges as it was happening.