A Chicago, Illinois teen has been arrested after cops say he called 911 and asked the dispatcher, “Where the hoes at?”

18-year-old Dennis Higgins allegedly made the poor choice of a call from his cellphone and got a Chicago Police Department dispatcher.

When he asked his idiot question, the dispatcher told him that they only respond to emergency calls, not jokes. He then purportedly replied that it was indeed an emergency; that he urgently needed a hoe to give him head.
Cops got his location and arrested him for disorderly conduct. Cops say that, upon his arrest, he said, “So y’all ain’t gonna tell me where the hoes at?”

He told reporters after being arrested, “I heard whenever you need help, just call the police, and that’s what I did. But all they did was come to my crib and arrest me, I guess all the hoes in jail”.

He faces up to a year behind bars and a fine up to $1,000 if convicted.