24-year-old DaJuawn Wallace, a student at Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University, was arrested on February 19th because he chose to pull into a well-lit and safer area while being pulled over by the police.

At around 2 a.m. that morning, Wallace was driving alone in Kochville Town when he saw the flashing police lights of Officer Leon Wilson’s car behind him. The student did not stop immediately because he was taught to proceed with caution when driving on a dark road, so he continued to drive at a low speed with the police car in tow. He drove for about a mile and a half before coming to a stop in a Sam’s Club parking lot. When he stopped, Officer Wilson arrested him.

Wallace faces a felony count of fleeing and eluding police for not pulling over sooner, and this charge carries a potential two-year jail sentence. Officer Wilson’s report stated that he initiated the traffic stop because Wallace’s vehicle fit the description of a car he had witnessed driving on a sidewalk on the SVSU campus earlier.

After hearing the student’s reasoning as to why he did not pull over at the time of the stop, the prosecution offered to dismiss the felony charge in exchange for a misdemeanor charge with a delayed sentence.

Wallace rejected the offer, but police say the deal is available for a reasonable amount of time. He said he is not interested in any deal short of dismissal. His preliminary examination was reset for July 9th.