A babysitter in Colorado not only brought two children she was watching along on a bank robbery, but she used them as bait.

28-year-old Rachel Einspahr sent a note via vacuum tube from one of the drive-thru lanes of Colorado East Bank & Trust saying that there was a man holding a gun on the two children, and that he’d kill them if he didn’t get cash; $100s and $50s, to be exact, with no trackers or dye packs.

“Do not sound alarm, the man in the very back wants $100s and $50s … no dye packs or trackers … he has gun on my kids,” the message read.

The teller gave her $500.

She then took the kids to a park as if nothing had ever happened.

Deputies found a white Nissan SUV matching the description of Ms. Einspahr’s outside of a nearby home later that day. They took her into custody.

She’s been charged with robbery and child abuse and currently resides in the Weld County jail.

She claims that she robbed the bank because she needed money for restitution in a separate case charging her with 30 counts of theft and forgery.