A Colorado man is in hot water after taking his two-year-old daughter along when he went to sell drugs late last month.

25-year-old Henessy Butler (above), the girl’s father, was driving a car where drugs and a loaded gun were found. The father, as well as two other men, Trey Banks (first below) and Allen Carley (second below), were collared as part of a drug operation in which a confidential informant was used by narcotics detectives to purchase drugs with prerecorded money.

The deal went down, and as the suspects drove away, were pulled over. There in the back seat was the two-year-old girl.


Detectives found a large amount of individually packaged suspected ecstasy, along with magazines for hand guns in the trunk. They also found a baggie containing suspected crack cocaine in the center console, and another baggie containing the same in the back pocket of the driver’s seat. The little girl had been sitting right behind it. A loaded gun was also found.


Henessy Butler and Trey Banks were taken into custody on drug charges. Allen Carley was charged with criminal impersonation. Banks and Carley were found to have outstanding warrants. Mr. Butler had a charge of child abuse added.

The girl was handed over to a family member.