Ironically-named Gunbarrel, Colorado was the scene of a silly argument that led to one man being shot in the butt and the other charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Jon Marc Barbour According called 911 just after 3:30 p.m. Thursday, telling the dispatcher that he’d just shot his neighbor,Jeffrey Browning, after an argument. A responding deputy placed Barbour in handcuffs and removed a gun from his holster.

Mr. Barbour and his wife like to feed squirrels peanuts. The neighbors weren’t too happy about it because they feared local children with nut allergies may come into contact with them or that the squirrels may be carrying diseases.

The ongoing dispute reached a head when Barbour and his wife put up fliers about their feeding the squirrels, and the shooting victim allegedly took those fliers down.

Barbour says that he shot Browning while the two men were rolling around on the ground, while Browning says he was shot while walking away from Barbour.

The investigation continues.