Officer Terrance Saulny was fired from the New Orleans Police Department after a shocking CCTV video emerged which showed him assaulting a 16-year-old girl. The outrage of the cop was sparked when the teen kept kicking the door. He was caught pushing the victim against a bench and beating her with his handcuffs while he attempted to cuff her in a holding cell at the New Orleans Juvenile Intake Division.

Another officer can be seen entering the cell as the girl lay face-down on the floor. That officer later assisted Saulny to cuff her wrists and ankles.

After the incident, a Public Integrity Bureau investigation concluded that he used unauthorized force against the girl. The investigation also determined that Saulny was dishonest in his interviews when he denied making vulgar comments towards the girl. The reports suggested that the victim suffered minor injuries from the confrontation, but her family’s lawyer claims she needed eye surgery as a result of the incident.

The department’s spokesperson, Tyler Gamble, told a local news station that the FBI had reviewed the evidence but did not find enough cause to send the case to the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office for criminal charges against Saulny. Based on the comments of his lawyer, the former officer plans to appeal the decision.