Esmeralda Rossi said she was in the shower in March at her home in Chandler, Arizona when her daughter came to the bathroom and told her that there were two officers at the door. She grabbed a towel and went to the door to speak with the officers. They said they were responding to a call about an argument between her and her estranged husband. After a few seconds with officers, she closed the door in attempt to go and put on some clothes. Then the officers forced the door open and came into the house. She claimed that Officer Doug Rose assaulted her in an attempt to illegally arrest her while she was wearing only her towel.


After reviewing the incident, Chandler Police internal investigators determined that Officer Rose entered the home illegally and without probable cause. The investigation also determined that Rose didn’t document arresting or “un-arresting” the woman or the fact that she was naked. The officer has since retired as the investigation continues.