A former Mississippi teacher is believed to be on the run with a 16-year-old student. Oscar and Lisa O’Neal are appalled about what they are calling a forbidden love affair between their son, Oscar O’Neal III and his former Forrest County teacher, Nicole Jackson, 30.

“I know he ran off with a school teacher that was supposed to be teaching him,” Oscar O’Neal II said. “This lady with all this authority. She was the one supposed to be looking out for my child in school and teaching him, not going with him. I don’t really know much to say, just I want her brought to justice, and I want my son home.”


A father is under arrest after allegedly beating his daughter at school he is facing child abuse charges.

The father, Raymond Emilio Rosario, is also a Miami-Dade police officer with a position at an airport.

Police say on March 19th, a teacher called to tell him his 14-year-old daughter was being disrespectful.

After he arrived at the school’s front office, surveillance video shows him slapping his daughter in the face, grabbing her by the hair and striking her twice on the legs with a belt.

Employees didn’t intervene at the time but did eventually report the incident to the Florida Department of Children and families.

Rosario surrendered to authorities for child abuse with no great bodily harm on April 2.

The Miami-Dade Police Department suspended him with pay.


An officer with the Round Rock Police Department was conducting a traffic stop. The officer had noticed that the Honda Accord he pulled over was driving too close behind another vehicle. After the occupants of the vehicle struggled and gave conflicting stories to the officer, a K-9 unit dog gave a positive alert giving away the drugs to authorities. All 71lbs of the methamphetamine totals out to a street value of $2million.

GEORGIA: Dashcam footage shows Alpharetta police dragging a 65-year-old grandmother out of her car during a traffic stop. According to reports, she was pulled over for failing to maintain her lane and allegedly refused to sign her citation because she thought that meant admitting guilt. She then asked to speak to a supervisor and refused to open her door, which led officers to arrest her for disorderly conduct. The cop who aggressively pulled her has since been suspended and an internal investigation for his conduct is underway.


Kristen ‘Kriste’ Aragon and her friend Melissa Goelz were arrested for kidnapping and molesting a 14-year-old boy they met online playing video games

A 14-year-old Oklahoma boy was kidnapped by two New Mexico women after meeting one of them on Xbox LIVE and it “got sexual,” police say.

The boy told police that one of the women invited him to a game in an Xbox LIVE party, according to an affidavit obtained by The Claremore Daily Progress.

The 35-year-old woman then asked for his number, News9 reported, and she started texting him.


Macrina Perez hardly cuts an imposing presence.

But federal prosecutors are alleging that the 25-year-old mother of two, with roots in both Minnesota and Mexico, has in her young life managed to lead one of the biggest meth trafficking cells Minnesota has ever seen.

“Ms. Perez is as connected to Mexican drug cartels based on this evidence as anyone I have ever prosecuted, and it’s somewhat remarkable,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Steinkamp told a judge this month in one of Perez’s first court appearances since being arrested in April at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Drug agents have been investigating the cell at least three years, and a May 2016 takedown of a Brooklyn Center stash house netted a historic 140 pounds of meth found throughout the home. Much of it was packed tightly into plastic quart-sized bags for distribution, but agents also found liquid meth cooling in a freezer and residue left behind in roasting pans in the kitchen.

Perez’s alleged involvement has been kept secret until now. She was charged nearly two years ago in a sealed indictment that relied on cooperation from several informants whose identities are still protected by the government.

“She wasn’t the courier,” Steinkamp said in court this month. “She’s the CEO of this organization. She’s running it.”



ROCHESTER, N.Y. – One person is behind bars, another hospitalized after an argument spilled into the street and ended with a hit-and-run.

It happened just after midnight on E. Main Street at Beechwood Street in Rochester.

Police say Jaide Campbell, 24, of Greece, was trying to hit her ex-boyfriend with a car, but ran into someone else instead.

The woman drove up onto the sidewalk, missed her ex, hit another woman, and fled the scene.

The 26-year-old victim was taken to Rochester General Hospital with minor injuries.

The suspect was found on Herkimer Street a short while later and taken into custody. She is charged with felony assault, DWI, and leaving the scene of an accident.


A gun-toting 70-year-old grandmother took matters into her own hands early Saturday morning when she shot and wounded an alleged home intruder attempting to break into her Philadelphia residence. Maxine Thompson told Fox 29 she woke up around 4:30 a.m. and heard banging outside her house. Police said a 43-year-old man attempted to break into the grandmother’s Philadelphia home at the time.

“First I thought I was dreaming, and then I looked out the window, outside. I was still hearing the banging, banging, banging, so I yelled to whoever, ‘Who’s that on my door? Get off my door, get off my door,’” Thompson recalled. Despite her warnings, the alleged burglar didn’t stop and continued to smash her dining room window and enter the house. Thompson, going into survival mode, grabbed her late mother’s handgun and shot at the suspect. She told Fox 29 it was her first time using the gun.
,br>“I shot at him. He turned around and he ran and when he ran, I ran down the steps behind him and shot at him some more,” Thompson recalled. “Kill him before he kills me. That’s what was going through my mind.” The alleged burglar was struck while Thompson fired at him several times. He ran to a nearby car wash and called police to report he’d been shot, Fox 29 reported. He was arrested, taken to the hospital and treated for a gunshot wound to his upper arm.

What was supposed to be a day at the Happiest Place on Earth turned into horror for families who saw a young man get tackled to the ground by police at Disneyland.

One woman named Claire witnessed and filmed the entire altercation, which she told occurred near the ticket booth at the park’s entrance.

‘I heard a man screaming,’ she said. ‘When I looked over he was grabbing his head and throwing himself on the ground.’


Florida man is in jail after he was accused of trying to kill sex offenders. According to investigators, Jorge Porto-Sierra, 50, tried to set the men on fire. He’s been charged with four counts of attempted premeditated murder. When asked by deputies why he did not carry out his threats, Porto-Sierra said, “You got here too soon.

Kentucky police detective assigned to drive a rape victim home in September 2017 is accused of taking her to a hotel and sexually assaulting her instead, prosecutors said.

John W. Nissen, of the Hillview Police Department, was indicted last week on charges of official misconduct, tampering with a witness and theft by deception, according to WLKY in Louisville.

Hillview Police Chief William Mahoney III said in a statement that the indictment stems from a September 2017 incident in which Nissen was indirectly involved. Department officials “became concerned” about the allegations and turned the investigation over to the Kentucky State Police, whose investigators in turn gave their findings to Shelly Alvey, the commonwealth attorney for Bullitt County.

The findings led Alvey to seek and obtain Nissen’s indictment.

Alvey told WLKY that the victim went to Hillview police officers to report she’d been raped by an officer in another Bullitt County department. Detectives interviewed the woman about the allegations.

“(Nissen) agreed to take her home, and the allegation is that when he left the police department, he actually drove her to the home of the alleged perpetrator,” Alvey told the news station.

From there, Nissen and the other officer, whose name has not been made public, took the woman to Wal-Mart, where they pooled their money to buy her a phone, Alvey told The Pioneer News, Bullitt County’s community newspaper.


CRESCO – A teacher at Howard-Winneshiek Schools formerly employed at Charles City Schools has been arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with a male student.

Tiffany Marie Ranweiler-Oblander, 29, of Decorah, was arrested Friday for felony sexual exploitation by a school employee. She has been placed on administrative leave but is no longer listed in the school district’s staff list online.

Court documents said that according to video interviews, “the student and Tiffany engaged in sexual conduct at the student’s residence.” Police said the four incidents happened between March and April at the student’s home in Lime Springs, according to court records.



Dressed in yellow prison jumpsuits and with their hands and ankles shackled, the Dauphin County couple charged with trying to starve their three children to death emerged out of a district court office after having waived their preliminary hearing on Monday.

Dauphin County District Judge Gregory Johnson sent the case against Joshua Ross Weyant, 33, and Brandi Jene Weyant, 38, of Halifax Township, to trial. The two will have their first court appearance in May. They also waived their arraignment hearing, which was scheduled for April.

The parents previously pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, conspiracy, false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of children.

The children were covered in bruises and abrasions when they were discovered and they were living in filth in a locked room.

They had lice and were covered in animal hair along with human urine and feces.

At the time, Pennsylvania prosecutors said the couple no longer wanted to look after the kids so had decided to put them in a room to starve them.

A doctor who examined them said the two oldest children were just days from death when they were saved.

‘They looked like they had walked out of a concentration camp,’ Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle told Penn Live.

They were so thin, doctors could see their bones through their skin.

An undercover ATF agent is expected to survive after being shot in the face in Chicago during a joint operation with the city’s police force. The agent was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after shots rang out in the Back of the Yard neighborhood around 3:15 a.m. local time, but the injuries he suffered to his face were not considered life-threatening.


An Ocean City woman was ordered held without bail Friday morning after her 8-month-old suffered an apparent overdose from fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic form of heroin.

Anne Arundel County Fire Department paramedics were called March 20 for a report of an infant suffering from cardiac arrest in the 2900 block of East Almondbury Drive in Pasadena.

According to charging documents, Jordan Marie Holt, 20, called 911 after she found her son not breathing.

After attempts at CPR produced few results — the child “only sporadically gasped for air and never regained consciousness” — the paramedics began treating him for an opioid overdose, according to charging documents filed Thursday.

Police said that after administering naloxone, which combats the symptoms of an opioid overdose, the child started crying. He made a full recovery at an area hospital.

When investigators interviewed Holt, she denied using heroin, charging documents state. While she admitted to abusing prescription opioids, she said any heroin in the house belonged to her roommate, telling officers she’d found discarded heroin vials on the floor before. Holt’s legal address remains in Ocean City.

The roommate denied using any heroin on March 20. He said while he used crack cocaine and marijuana the weeks before, he’d been prescribed methadone for his opioid addiction and didn’t have any heroin in his possession.


A Denver woman was cited for allegedly heating up urine in a 7-Eleven microwave to the point that it exploded, damaging property.

Angelique Sanchez, 26, was found at the Concentra Health Clinic just a half-mile north of the 7-Eleven that she was said to have visited in Aurora, Colorado.

A police report from the Aurora Police Department dated May 3 states that the woman needed to take a physical and had to do a urinalysis for a job prospect.

“Bill” was at a west Columbus library with his granddaughter. He was waiting outside to leave when he heard police sirens. He tells us he looked around and saw a man with his hand in his waistband running toward him.

“Bill” assessed the situation as fast as he could, cane in hand. He heard officers yelling multiple times to drop the gun. “Bill” says with officers lagging a bit behind the suspect he did what he could to help them nab the armed man.

Bill stuck out a back leg to trip the suspect who was running from police. That move likely saved the 18-year-old suspect’s life. It also allowed police to catch up to him to make the arrest.

Police recovered a Glock 9 MM pistol with a high capacity extended clip containing 29 rounds. The suspect, with a lengthy criminal record, went back to jail. No one was injured.

Community involvement, be it by courage, bravery and/or fancy footwork, helped take a criminal off the streets of Columbus.

Stunning security footage shows Christopher Clay Rudd, 35, darting out of a courtroom in Spanish Fork, Utah, and flipping over a second-floor railing before slamming into the floor below. Rudd had reportedly been arrested on drug allegations and was in court on Monday for failing to attend court-ordered rehab. A court spokesman said Rudd broke his leg and pelvis and fractured his skull.

Miami police officer has been suspended from the force less than 12 hours after a video of him kicking a handcuffed man in the head went viral. The video stars with a man on the ground as an officer handcuffs him. Seconds after being cuffed, another officer runs up and kicks him in the head and then moves to tackle the prone and bound man. Two more officers come up and appear to speak to the other two cops as a person in the background is heard yelling “they didn’t have to do all that.”


Nicholas Morley, 40, flew from his home in London, England, to Denver under an assumed name on May 1, according to police. The next day, he allegedly entered Opera Gallery, at the base of Aspen Mountain, at around 4.16 p.m, wearing sunglasses and a cap, and slashing the artwork before fleeing, authorities say. He then drove to the airport and flew back to the UK. Surveillance footage from the gallery shows a man in black jeans, a black jacket, a hat, sunglasses and a full beard, entering the building and propping the door open. Within a few seconds, he rushed over to the Christopher Wool painting and slashed it twice. A gallery employee appears but the slasher rushed for the door, grabbing the prop on the way out.