A frightened two-year-old girl was found sobbing in a thickly wooded area in Georgia by a search team whose relief at finding her safely was caught on police body camera. Rescue crews had been searching for little two-year-old Kamiyah Vicks who went missing around 7am Wednesday morning after she was separated from her mother during what police are calling an emergency crisis incident. After crews had been searching for hours, they found the little girl overheated and had she had a few scratches but was otherwise fine after having survived in the woods for hours alone.


A woman who lied about being raped in a Michigan college parking lot was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Mary Zolkowski, 21, pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a felony in March. Zolkowski said she told her mother she had been raped in February by a stranger in the parking lot of Delta College southwest of Bay City, Michigan. She said her mother called the campus, and then Zolkowski completed a report.

Delta College police were unable to verify her story, and Zolkowski later admitted it was false.

“I was assaulted previously, not at Delta’s campus,” Zolkowski said in March, MLive reports. “And because I was ashamed of circumstances of that, when my mother called, I vented through Delta, which was very wrong of me. I should have been truthful from the very beginning, and I used Delta.”

In March, Zolkowski reportedly admitted to making up the alleged rape, telling the judge: “I called Delta College and falsely reported the rape on their campus. My mother made the initial call and I took the phone and continued to report.”

The woman told her mother she had been raped in a back parking lot but never named any suspects. She said she was “assaulted previously, not at Delta’s campus,” and “was ashamed of the circumstances of that.”

Zolkowski initially gave contradicting accounts of what she claimed happened at the school.

She reportedly told police she was walking to her car when a man grabbed her from behind and raped her without a condom while holding her face and throat, and said she only saw the man’s hands and that he fled in a car before she could see his face.

Zolkowski refused a physical exam after the alleged incident, the news outlet reported in August 2017.

When investigators met with her a second time, Zolkowski reportedly said the suspect was an acquaintance and she had been raped at an apartment.

The student at the time apologized for her confusion, adding she didn’t want to press charges. In a third interview with police, Zolkowski reportedly changed her story again — telling police she wanted to tell the suspect to stop during sex, but it ended before she was able to do so.

Zolkowski, who pleaded guilty to making a false report of a felony, faced up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine.


Two inmates were caught on camera escaping on foot from a Georgia prison. Inmates Shane Joe Saip, 38, and Willie Ames Driver, 24, were throwing out trash under the careful watch of a supervisor when they suddenly sprinted off the prison lawn and successfully escaped Houston County Jail on June 4. A two-day manhunt was launched for the duo & ended up being caught.

Four teenagers have been arrested for carjacking a man’s car in Milwaukee and their violent attack on May 17 was caught on surveillance cameras. The thieves ages 15, 16, 17 and 18 beat 43-year-old father Lewis Lea unconscious and drove off with his car. Lea was at the Washington Park lot waiting for his son to finish soccer practice. He was hospitalized for lacerations to his face and head. The teens were arrested soon after and face multiple charges each and will complete community service as a part of their punishment.

Surveillance footage showed the off-duty Chicago police officer sitting in a black BMW when two men, with their hoods pulled up, approached. The first grabs the front passenger side door and pulled it open, while reaching for something in his pocket and climbing inside. The cop immediately got out and raised his gun as a second would-be car jacker ran round to the driver’s side and climbs in the driver’s seat. The officer then began shooting at the thief in the driver’s side, while the first suspect climbed back out and began returning fire.

The horrific footage shows Wichita Officer Dexter Betts firing his gun moments after seeing the dog in the room. His flashlight can be seen illuminating the girl just before he shoots his gun. The girl screams ‘Ow! Ow! Ow, you hurt my eye!’ after he fires two shots at dog. Betts’ bullets had ricocheted off the ground and fragments hit both the girl and her dog. Betts was fired after incident and now faces a felony charge of aggravated battery.


A hero dad-of-four used small talk ‘to disarm’ a man pacing around a petrol station with a “loaded gun” hidden between a Big Mac and fries. Michael Wright, 33, claims the man was hassling counter staff inside the shop – with his hand suspiciously inside a brown McDonald’s bag. The brave man peered inside the bag and said he saw the man’s finger on the trigger of a loaded 9mm hand gun – nestled between a burger and fries.

LAS VEGAS: The alleged victim, Vivian Solomon, of San Diego, told KSNV that she was visiting her longtime friend last week, meeting the woman’s husband, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Manuel A. Gutierrez, and their 6-month-old baby for the first time. After a night of drinking on Saturday, Solomon said, she went to bed in the couple’s home. “All of a sudden I woke up and he was on top of me” Vivian said

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In a frail voice, the 36-year-old former McKinley High School teacher apologized for having sexual relationships with three male students and to the teaching profession, school district and the victims “for putting everyone in this position.”

Her attorney, Brad Iams, addressed Stark County Common Pleas Judge John Haas, pleading for leniency and predicting she would not re-offend since she’ll never again be in a teaching position. He also spoke of how she wrecked her career and subjected herself to public humiliation.

Then it was Stark County Assistant Prosecutor Christy Donnelly’s turn. She asked for prison time, citing concern the defendant “has not fully held herself accountable for her actions.” In a court-filing, she specified a term of four years.

SAN ANTONIO — Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said one of his off-duty detention officers has been arrested following accusations that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a 4-year-old.

Salazar said the victim’s mother reported the sexual assault Saturday night after the child made an outcry to her mom. It’s believed the sexual assault had been going on for the past few months, possibly years. Sheriff Salazar said the victim’s mother is an undocumented immigrant and Nunez allegedly threatened her with deportation if she reported the sexual assault.

After further investigation and questioning, 47-year-old Jose Nunez was arrested and charged with super aggravated sexual assault.

Nunez is a 10-year veteran of the sheriff’s office.

It’s believed that other children may be involved. Salazar said there may be other victims.

Palm Beach county Deputy Sheriff Javier Lasso has been suspended as the department investigates allegations that he threatened his daughter’s boyfriend and handcuffed her, forcing her into a police cruiser to “teach her a lesson.” According to a report by internal affairs, Lasso strolled into the boyfriend’s place of employment, in uniform, with his gun clearly visible and told him to stay away from his daughter, who he’d been dating for approximately two years.

The woman who falsely accused a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper of sexual assault after she was pulled over for apparent drunk driving could face charges, according to the Ellis County district attorney.

Sherita Dixon-Cole accused DPS trooper Daniel Hubbard of “forcefully groping” her in a sexual assault inside and outside of his cruiser. Her claims were shared more than 50,000 times online, thanks to posts by Dixon-Cole’s attorney and social activist Shaun King.

But the two-hour dashcam footage released Tuesday night shows no sign of wrongdoing. It shows Hubbard administering multiple field sobriety tests, removing two bottles of alcohol from her and spotting what he believes is an alcoholic drink in a cup holder.

“I see an officer who conducts himself exactly as society demands police conduct themselves today: Beyond reproach,” Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson said. “Tragically, that officer still was publicly and maliciously persecuted.

“What happened to that officer is a shame.”

Wilson said his office is “investigating the possibility” of charges against Dixon-Cole. He says there was “no apparent motive” for the claims and he is “flabbergasted” as to how the story came out.

“When I went to the DPS office to watch the video, I fully expected to see some measure of tension or aggravation between the officer and the woman being arrested,” he said. “The world has now seen that there is nothing of the sort on that video.”

DPS said it was appalled that anyone would make such “despicable, slanderous and false accusations” against a peace officer.

Filing a false police report is a Class B misdemeanor in Texas, according to Section 37.08 of the Texas Penal Code.


Two Santa Clara County women, one a student teacher, were arrested Thursday on allegations they had sex with teenage boys earlier this year, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators believe there may be more victims tied to the pair, who were sexually involved with boys between 15 and 16 years old, who they knew through family or friends, authorities said.

Talia Sisco, 24, of Saratoga, is being held without bail in the Elmwood women’s jail in Milpitas on multiple counts each of oral copulation of a minor and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and arranging a meeting with a minor to commit a sex offense.

A second suspect, 23-year-old San Jose resident Tina Pourani, was arrested and booked counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation of a minor. Pourani was released after posting $60,000 bail.



A terrifying video shows the moment a hammer-wielding mother smashed the windows of a school bus full of students after finding out her daughter was in a fight. In the video, two girls are seen punching one another in the back of a Nicolet High School bus in Glendale. One girl in an olive shirt walks up to another girl in pink and throws the first punch. The girl in the pink then hits back and the two continue to exchange blows as other students watch. Both students then called their mothers. While still on the route near Mill Road and Willow Glen Court, a car was seen swerving in front of the bus. Moments later, 33-year-old Magan Gumbus, the mother of one of the girls, gets out with a hammer. The students were both suspended from school and Gumbus was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Fernando Purón, former mayor of Piedras Negras from 2014 to 2017, had been participating in a congressional debate on Friday when he was gunned down. While taking selfies with constituents, a bearded man can be seen coming up behind Purón and shooting him in the head. Purón’s death makes him as the 112th political candidate to be murdered in Mexico since September of last year.


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Pearl River residents are angry and upset after the weekend death of a man they say was a valued member of the community.

Jeffrey Howell, 46, died after an apparent altercation on the Pearl River Saturday, and residents are trying to absorb the loss of a man they say was a great neighbor who would give you the shirt off his back.

“It’s horrible. There was no call for that kind of action,” said victim’s friend, Sheila Smith.

Wherever you go in the town of Pearl River, it’s the same story.

“He was sitting in our living room Friday night, and the next minute he’s gone,” said neighbor Kathy Maillet.

“They got their family out there, children swimming, having a good family time, and here we got something like that. It’s horrible,” Smith said.

Friends say Howell’s death came after he tried to protect the river and the children who play there.

“From what we heard they were throwing bottles in the river, and they were told to stop throwing bottles. This is a hazard,” said Maillet.

Howell had recently undergone surgery to remove a tumor and still had staples in his head.

“If you cup your hand behind your left ear, that’s where the incision was, and that’s where the bone had been removed,” said St. Tammany Coroner Dr. Charles Preston.

Preston’s autopsy revealed that Howell died from a blow to the head near the scar from his surgery three weeks ago.

“The cause of death was blunt head trauma. He was fresh on an operation on his head to remove a malignancy,” said Preston.

The St. Tammany sheriff arrested two people, 21-year-old Cameron Alphonso, charged with manslaughter, and 22-year-old Alden Kindergran, charged with disturbing the peace.

St. Tammany investigators said they’re continue to interview witnesses in a case, which they call active and ongoing. Detectives say more arrests are possible.

Funeral arrangements for Howell are pending.