A man armed with a shotgun got more than he bargained for when trying to steal a truck from an Albuquerque business. Instead of a free ride, surveillance video shows the victim wrestling away the suspect’s shotgun before he could use it. Albuquerque Policesay the shotgun-wielding man and another male suspect ram from the scene.


A Gilbert man was arrested for pretending to have Down syndrome and hiring caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers. Police say they arrested 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca on September 6 at his home, near Val Vista Drive and Williams Field Road. Menchaca reportedly posed as “Amy” and hired a caregiver to bathe and change the diapers of her son with Down syndrome.

Bronx high school teacher who admitted to performing oral sex on her 14-year-old student won’t face jail time — and she might even return to the classroom.

Dori Myers, 30, last month pleaded guilty to criminal sex act for the Nov. 2016 incident at her former workplace, New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, where she taught social studies.

Myers’ heinous crime, which reportedly happened multiple times, was discovered after another teacher found out by way of the victim’s friend.

On Wednesday, Judge Michael Obus sentenced the woman to 10 years’ probation and found her to be a Level 1 sex offender. Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Myers to a minimum of two years in prison.

As part of her plea agreement at Manhattan Criminal Court, Myers also got to keep her teaching certificate


Des Moines, IA – After a three-year court fight, a federal judge has forced the release of body camera the Burlington Police Department didn’t want you to see.

It stems from a report of a domestic dispute between Autumn and Gabriel Steele in January of 2015. The responding officer, Jesse Hill, says he was attacked by the couple’s German Shepherd and slipped in the snow when he fired at the dog.

The bullet hit Autumn Steele and it killed her.

According to court records the dog bit Officer Hill in the leg. He was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting.

However, his comments following the shooting showed he is fearing arrest over what happened. “I pulled my gun and shot it and I hit her,’ ‘oh, my god, no. Oh, f—, Tim. S—, Tim. I`m f——–going to prison, Tim.’

The city settled a civil lawsuit over the death earlier this year, paying the hill family $2 million.


Ralph Stanley “Robin” Elrod Jr., a Navy veteran and electrician whose life was more or less an ordinary, middle-aged suburban existence until, inexplicably, it erupted in unprovoked gunfire of his own making on a fall evening nearly two years ago, pleaded guilty here Thursday to murdering two Peach County sheriff’s deputies.

In pleading guilty to shooting and mortally wounding deputies Daryl Smallwood and Patrick Sondron on Nov. 6, 2016, Elrod avoided a potential death penalty trial and was sentenced to two life in prison without parole terms plus 100 years.

The plea, which came during a two-hour proceeding before a courtroom packed with 200 or so spectators — at least 50 of them uniformed police officers — was not unexpected. Word of its likelihood emerged publicly on social media in recent weeks after one of Sondron’s adopted sons, upon learning that prosecutors had decided not to pursue the death penalty against Elrod, posted remarks critical of District Attorney David Cooke.

“We are not OK with this,” the son, Jacob Sondron, 23, told The Telegraph at the time. “If this case doesn’t get the death penalty, what are the requirements to receive the death penalty?”

But after a relative of one of the slain deputies approached Cooke about accepting a guilty plea for Elrod, some family members of the fallen officers, including both deputies’ parents, agreed to the measure.

The high-profile case had seemed bound for trial sometime next year. The slayings of Sondron, who was 41, and Smallwood, 37, came amid a four-month stretch in which three other Middle Georgia law enforcement officers were gunned down in the line of duty.


A Colorado couple has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after they had sex with their dog in a backyard motorhome that they converted into a sex chamber.

Frederick Blue Manzanares, 51, and his ex-girlfriend Janette Eileen Solano, 49, were arrested in March and charged with four counts of cruelty to.

Manzanares pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty after admitting to having sex with their dog Bubba.

He will be sentenced in October and faces up to 18 months in jail on each count, the Daily Mail reports.

Solano pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty. She negotiated a deferred judgement and sentence.

A judge will decide whether to accept her plea deal next week, according to the Denver Post.

As part of the plea agreement, Manzanares and Solano have forfeited custody of Bubba.

Bubba, a male Akita mix, is currently living at the Aurora Animal Shelter and will need to undergo a behavior assessment.

Officials will then decide what will be the next best place to take him, according to the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office.

Police began investigating in March 2017 after Solano reported a domestic violence incident involving Manzanares.

She later told an officer that they only had an argument, but that she was leaving Manzanares because he pressured her into having sex with their dog.

Solano claimed that she first discovered pictures of bestiality on the couple’s shared laptop and confronted Manzanares about them, according to the Denver Post.

She said he told her to have an open mind and then began introducing her to bestiality videos, forums, and literature.

The couple then began having sex with Bubba, which Solano said occurred inside a motorhome that Manzanares outfitted with a customized red padded bench to make it easier to copulate with the dog.

Manzanares used dog hormone spray to arouse Bubba and would take pictures and videos while they had sex with him.

Footage of the couple having sex with Bubba was later discovered by police.

Solano said she started to become ‘somewhat jealous’ of her boyfriend’s relationship with their dog and that it would often lead to arguments.

When the couple was first arrested, authorities could not locate Bubba. Manzanares then forfeited his rights to the pet and officers were able to recover the poor pup.

Bestiality only became illegal in Colorado in 2007.


Over 3,000 low-level marijuana cases were thrown out Wednesday as Manhattan’s top prosecutor furthered a shift away from arresting and prosecuting many people for small-time pot offenses in the nation’s biggest city. Misdemeanor and violation-level pot possession cases that had sat open for as long as 40 years were dismissed in a matter of minutes after Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. asked a court to scrap 3,042 warrants for people who missed court dates and to toss out the cases themselves

A Canadian man found another use for his bong after using it to fend off four thieves who were attempting to rob a cannabis dispensary. The masked individuals, who entered the store while brandishing canisters of bear spray, were met with great resistance by the store clerk. The store clerk managed to successfully fight the suspects off with a bong and force them out of the store.


The suspect in last night’s officer-involved shooting is identified as 26-year-old Todd Sturgis.

Last month Sturgis led officers on a high-speed pursuit after they attempted to take him into custody on Tarrant County warrants for kidnapping, evading arrest and delivery of a controlled substance. He evaded capture and has a Lufkin Police warrant for evading arrest in connection to that incident.

On Monday evening, the Department received an anonymous tip that Sturgis was at Pinewood Park Apartments inside No. 207.
Officers responded to the apartment and met a woman at the door who initially denied knowing Sturgis’ location. She eventually allowed officers to search the apartment and they found him in a bedroom.

When they attempted to take him into custody, he refused to show his hands and continually reached under a bed and mattress. Sturgis was subsequently Tased but it was ineffective, and he then attempted to take an officer’s gun. In the struggle, the officer fired a single shot which struck the Sturgis in the torso.

Sturgis was taken to a local hospital and is expected to recover.
The officer involved in the shooting was physically uninjured in the incident. Another officer suffered a minor fracture when a Taser barb lodged in his finger during the struggle.

Sturgis will face three additional charges from Lufkin Police Department including two counts of disarming a peace officer and resisting arrest.
The officer involved will be on administrative leave with pay until the Texas Rangers have completed their investigation into the incident, per Department policy. The officer’s identity will be released after he gives his statement to the Ranger in charge later this week.


Dramatic footage shows a gang member firing at an officer at point-blank range during a routine stop. The incident happened in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles in late July. The suspect was killed and a female officer has been shot in the leg. Los Angeles police have released the footage as an example of a ‘critical incident’.


The City of Miami’s civilian oversight board said a Miami Police officer captured on police body camera kicking a teenage girl in the head used excessive force, calling his actions neither “reasonable” nor “necessary.”

The civilian panel challenges the findings of the Miami Police Department’s internal affairs investigation that Officer John Askew did not use excessive force.

Police shared from the March 5, 2017 incident. An officer’s bodycam footage shows a policeman tackling the teen and then Askew can be seen kicking her twice in the head while she’s already down on the ground.

She was later charged with armed robbery and grand theft, police said.

Both the police department and the civilian panel found Askew violated department policy by not documenting his use of force on the teen. Askew said he didn’t think that report was necessary because the girl was not injured.


Omar Perez, 29, fatally shot three people and wounded two more shortly after 9 a.m. on Sept. 6, before he was killed during a brief gun battle with police officers,

Witnesses said Perez was wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase when his rampage began.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said the gunman used a 9mm handgun and was carrying hundreds of additional rounds of ammunition.

Chief Isaac said Perez entered the building in the center of downtown through the loading dock and began shooting right away, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“He proceeded to the lobby, where several of our officers engaged him,” the chief said. “There were gunshots exchanged.”

“It’s a very horrific situation,” he said.

Chief Isaac said all of the shooting took place in the lobby of the building which is home to Fifth Third Bank’s corporate headquarters.


Largo, FL – Police are looking for a couple they say kidnapped and tried to kill a man in a drug-related crime.

They answered a call in the 200 block of 3rd Street NW around 11 Wednesday morning. They found Timothy Nichols, 28, shot in the head after two men and a woman wrapped his feet and hands in duct-tape and forced him into the back of a U-Haul truck. Nichols freed himself and police say 24 year old Rhionna Anderson fired that shot as he tried to get away. Nichols is hospitalized and expected to recover.

One of those men is in custody, but police are still looking for Derrick Heckman, 30, as well as Anderson. Police say they took off in the U-Haul and ditched it at Largo Mall.

Anderson and Heckman are considered armed and dangerous. They’re pictured in this article.


Brazil’s top presidential candidate stabbed in street…
Arrives at the hospital ‘almost dead’…
Wounds reach the liver, lung, intestines…

A front-runner in Brazil’s presidential election, Jair Bolsonaro, has been stabbed during a campaign rally. The far-right politician was attacked in the midst of a crowd in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais. He underwent surgery for injuries to his intestines and is expected to recover, hospital officials said. The controversial politician, who has outraged many in Brazil with racist and homophobic comments, has performed strongly in recent polls. Polls suggest he would get the most votes in next month’s presidential elections if former President Lula da Silva fails in his attempt to overturn a ban on him standing


Newnan, GA – Newnan Police charged Tristen Shayne Formby with child cruelty and marijuana possession.

Officers said she left her little boy alone in the parking lot of the Jackson’s Landing Apartments in Newnan while she went inside and used drugs. Newnan Police said they were called to the parking lot by a resident who believed the child had been the car for 45 minutes. The engine was running, but police said the air conditioner was turned off.

In police body cam video, officers told Formby they can tell by her smartphone left in her car with her toddler about how long she had left her son alone. It was more than 40 minutes.

Newnan Police said they said Formby admitted to being inside an apartment at Newnan Estates smoking marijuana with friends. When asked how much. Police said she allegedly said “a lot.” A second video shows her handing over suspected marijuana.

Formby’s son is 2 years old. Police said the child was sweating and hot to the touch. Officers gave the child water. The toddler allegedly told the officer’s ”mama went bye-bye.”

In the video, Formby told officers she didn’t the take the child inside because he had just fallen asleep.


Home surveillance video captured a home invasion robbery last week in Pembroke Pines. The robbery was reported just before 4:30 a.m. Wednesday inside a gated community in the 12300 block of Northwest 12th Court. “They basically started taking all of my jewelry off and looking through my house for other stuff, but that was all that was stolen. It was about $200,000 in jewelry,” Kevin said. The stolen jewelry included two diamond watches, two rings, a diamond tennis chain and two bracelets. As the thieves continued to search for more valuables, Kevin managed to hit a panic button near his front door, spooking the unwanted visitors and infuriating them.

Sept. 4, 2018 An apparent attempt to bomb the American Embassy in Cairo failed on Tuesday when an explosive detonated prematurely in the backpack of a would-be attacker, the Egyptian government said in a statement. No one was injured. In a statement released through the state-owned news media, the government said that the police had arrested Abdullah Ayman Abdel-Samie, 24, after a plastic bottle containing flammable chemicals exploded in his bag as he made his way across Simon Bolivar Square toward the embassy compound. The device was intended for “hostile action” and the suspect appeared to “embrace extremist ideas,” the statement said


\Payson, UT – Police in Payson have released dash camera footage showing initial response to a fire that erupted after a plane crashed into a home in Payson Canyon.

The deadly plane crash occurred August 13, and police say the pilot of the jet crashed the aircraft into his own residence just hours after he was arrested and released in connection with a domestic violence incident.

Youd, 47, was arrested after witnesses called the police to report that he was assaulting his wife, Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said. The couple had been drinking and went to American Fork Canyon to talk about problems they were having, authorities said.

Youd was booked on suspicion of domestic violence and posted bail, Cannon said. Youd requested an officer escort him to his home so he could get his truck and some belongings around midnight. That occurred without incident, Sandoval said.

Within hours, Youd was taking off in the plane from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport about 15 miles (25 kilometers) north of his house. He flew directly to his neighborhood and smashed into his house, Sandoval said.

The pilot, 47-year-old Duane Youd, was killed in the crash. His wife and her son were inside the home at the time but escaped unharmed.

Newly released footage shows a Payson Police officer arriving at the scene of the fiery crash. The first five minutes or so of the video shows the inferno before fire crews arrive and begin to extinguish the blaze.


Tulsa, OK – The Tulsa Police Department on Saturday released body camera footage showing a 25-year-old man being fatally tased by officers last month during an encounter inside a downtown bank.

Officers first encounter Joshua Harvey in the street. Police responded to the scene after receiving numerous calls of a man in the street screaming and removing his clothes, according to the TPD statement. The shows police attempting to handcuff Harvey, but he is seen running in the direction of the bank. “He hasn’t done anything yet, he’s just acting crazy,” one officer says to another. Officers then approached the bank as Harvey is seen yanking on the handle of a glass door, which shatters after he pulls it a few times. He then runs into the bank, at which point the officers begin to run toward the building. Two officers appear to deploy their Tasers at Harvey’s back as he attempts to enter the second set of glass doors into the bank’s main lobby. After Harvey landed on his back, the officers continually command him to roll over and put his hands behind his back. Harvey initially tries to get back up and then swings his arms around. Officers continue to use electricity on him.

In just over two minutes, officers tased Harvey numerous times. Near the end of the, an officer is heard saying. Later in the, an officer is heard saying that he doesn’t believe one of his metal Taser leads entered Harvey’s body. “We’ll have to tell them how we’re not sure which Taser was working so we were both doing it,” the officer says.

A TPD statement indicates that two officers used Tasers.

About 15 minutes after Harvey is first tased, he begins groaning but no longer forms coherent words. A groan is heard at the 20-minute mark, and then no further sounds can be heard on the recording. Around that time, officers begin commenting on whether Harvey is breathing. Multiple times, an officer asks if he is breathing and another officer says that he is. “His eyes are in the back of his head,” one officer says near the end of the as Harvey lies on the gurney.

Harvey never regained consciousness in the hospital.


Bexar County, TX – New video shows a bird’s eye view of a chase that ended in a deadly shootout between a suspect and a DPS trooper in east Bexar County. Not only did the helicopter help locate the suspect, but it also transported the injured trooper to the hospital. It was on Sunday, February 18 that a trooper tried to pull over 33-year-old Ernest Montelongo for an unspecified traffic stop. Montelongo allegedly gave a false name, then fled. The trooper briefly lost sight of the fleeing suspect, but a DPS helicopter assisted with finding him. The suspect crossed a highway and went the wrong way on I-10. The suspect was stopped by two troopers. Gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and a DPS trooper. The suspect and a trooper were taken to local area hospitals. The suspect died the next day in the hospital. The trooper, who has still not been identified, survived. DPS says that no additional information on the case can be released at this time.


Anniston Police officers were injured Thursday after a fight with a man they were trying to arrest. The fight was captured on body camera including the moment a gun went off during the struggle. Anniston Police Chief Shane Denham called it a “street fight.”

The suspect, 40-year-old KaJuan Wilneal Reed of Anniston, was pulled over Thursday night near his home on Grant Avenue on suspicion of marijuana. Body camera footage shows two police officers at the scene. One pulled a handgun and a bag out of Reed’s pocket. Then the fight began.

Police say Reed gained back control of the pistol and fired it during the struggle. Neither officer was hit. Reed briefly escaped despite being tasered but was soon arrested by the officers at the scene.

Chief Denham on Friday said he believed the bag was crack cocaine. Reed swallowed it after briefly escaping from police, he said. Police said a large bag of marijuana was also discovered in Reed’s car.

One officer received several stitches to his knee and was struck in the head during the fight, while the second officer was bitten by the suspect and suffered a knee injury. Reed refused medical treatment according to police.

Reed was charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, criminal tampering, 2nd degree possession of marijuana, ex-felon in possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and attempting to elude. He remains in the Calhoun County Jail. Police said Reed is a convicted felon and could face federal charges for possessing a weapon.