A medical assistant at Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility in Florida was arrested on March 22nd after she covertly recorded two of the nursing home facility’s residents having sex, then put it up on her Snapchat.

20-year-old Alexis Williams secretly recorded an 81-year-old woman and a 59-year-old man having sex back in August. The couple had no idea.

The arrest didn’t come until Wednesday because authorities were shoring up their evidence in the case.

Investigators obtained a confession, surveillance footage and her Snapchat records.

When detectives asked her why she did it, she purportedly said she did it for her own amusement.

She’s been charged with one count of video voyeurism and one count of video voyeurism dissemination.

She was fired from her job immediately after the company was made aware of the incident.


A mother in Middletown, Pennsylvania was arrested on March 14th after she brutally beat her daughter and kicked her out for reciting Bible verses wrong.

41-year-old Rhonda Kemp Shoffner allegedly carried out the incident on her under-13 daughter after the girl had just awoken from a nap.

Ms. Shoffner, who her daughter says was drunk for three straight days, told her to call several family members. When no one answered, she then ordered the victim to get on her knees in the bathroom.

This, according to the preteen, meant she was about to get beaten. She begged her not to and did everything she could to avoid getting on her knees. She says this enraged her mother who then yelled, “Get on your fucking knees!”

When she finally complied, her mother started quoting Bible verses and expected her daughter to follow suit – verbatim.

“What did God tell the man to do with his son?” her mother asked her.

When she replied, “God said to forgive his son,” her mother said, “God told the man to kill his son” and grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head against the wall.

Each time the girl incorrectly recited a verse or gave her mother a wrong answer, Shoffner slammed her head into the wall, police said. Shoffner slammed her daughter’s head into the bathroom drywall at least five times, according to police.

The victim tried to defend herself, but her mother started kicking her. She begged her mom to stop, but instead, she told her to get on her back. She did as she was told.

That’s when her mother told her, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch!” then started strangling her.

As the victim continued to fight for her life, her mother bit her left forearm before biting her left shoulder, according to cops.

As she continued defending herself as best she could, her mother finally stopped and said, “Just leave and don’t ever come back!”

The girl grabbed her phone, coat and shoes and took off down the street. She then called her father, who drove her to the police station after hearing what had transpired.

Ms. Shoffner was charged with aggravated assault against a child, strangulation, and terroristic threats.

As one might imagine, this wasn’t mommy’s first brush with the law – not even the first this year.

Back on February 10th, cops had responded to a domestic dispute call after neighbors reported hearing loud arguing.

When arriving officers knocked on the front door, no one answered. But a window on the second floor opened and a half-naked Shoffner peered out and starting screaming profanities at them.

She responded by flipping them the bird and telling them, “If you come through my front door, I’ve got something for you!”

That incident brought a charge of open lewdness and disorderly conduct.

Her preliminary hearings on both sets of charges are scheduled for March 29th.



Authorities say a Florida high school teacher has confessed to having sex with a student at minimum of five times, as well as drank alcohol and used marijuana with him.

34-year-old Valerie Michelle Valvo, an art teacher at Central High School in Brooksville, was arrested Wednesday by deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office started an investigation after getting a tip that a high school teacher was having sex with a student.

Investigators interviewed the male student, who’s 17 years old, and he told them that he’d had sex with Ms. Valvo at her home on at least three occasions.

The disgraced teacher confessed to detectives that she’d had “sexual relations” with the boy five to six times.

The two told authorities that the relationship was consensual and both admitted to using marijuana and alcohol while at Valvo’s home.

She was arrested and charged with three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Her bond was set at $15,500.

She’s been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation.



A tutor in Colorado has been arrested and charged for having a sex with an underage student.

34-year-old Natalie Nicole Gulyas was the subject of an investigation after cops were alerted when the victim’s father found explicit text messages between Ms. Gulyas and his son. The victim’s also caught her red-handed kissing their son in their kitchen.

When authorities interviewed her and the victim separately, they both admitted to sexual touching, oral sex, kissing and exchanging nude photos of each other.

The family had met Gulyas at church, of all places, roughly five years ago.

She’d started tutoring the victim three years in. Back in January, that ramped up to four days a week.

She’s been charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust as a pattern of abuse, sexual exploitation of children, and internet sexual exploitation of a child.

She’s due back in court on May 18th for a preliminary hearing.



An Oregon daycare operator was just indicted on over 100 counts after allegedly leaving children as young as six months old alone repeatedly over eight days to go to a tanning salon and the gym.

31-year-old January Neatherlin was, to be more specific, indicted on 76 counts of criminal mistreatment and 38 counts of reckless endangerment.

Ms. Neatherlin had been arrested last week after cops found seven kids ranging in age from six months to four years alone in her home where she operated Little Giggles Daycare.

She’d done so on at least eight different occasions between March 3rd and March 15th, the day she was taken into custody, after authorities got a tip and decided to keep an eye on the home.

Officers would watch as parents dropped off their kids, then saw Ms. Neatherlin drive off a few hours later. Cops then moved in, for the safety of the children, and found them alone.

Little Giggles Daycare had already been investigated two other times by state child welfare advocates.

In 2014, she was found caring for more children than is allowed by law before needing a license. She was told to drop that number to three children or less.

In 2015, she was investigated again for a similar offense, but no evidence was found.

She did get a business license in 2010, but it expired in 2012 and was never renewed.

She’s been ordered to have no contact with seven specific children, their parents, can have no unsupervised contact with her own son, a minor, and avoid minors in public.



The Tulsa Police Department released dashcam footage of the pursuit of most wanted suspect Madison Dickson. Police spent days looking for her, saying she’d been involved in several shootings, including shooting a man in the head. The video shows a woman who was determined not to be taken into custody, even when she was surrounded and there was no hope of escape. Police said her family had even warned them she would not be taken alive. Police said Dickson immediately took off running when the short pursuit came to an end on March 18 near 89th and South Harvard. The video shows she turned not once but three times and pointed a gun at the officers.

They fired shots but did not hit her, so the officer closest to her in his patrol car, ran into her to stop the threat. Dickson later died. Police said Dickson had shot a man in the head just two days before, after she asked him for a ride, then pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his car. Police said he’s recovering. Before that, they say she’d fired shots at a Walgreens and a Best Buy plus pointed a gun at movie theater employees. Police said they believe Dickson got connected to the Irish Mob gang and started a crime spree. Her family and friends said this was not the girl they grew up with. They said she got hooked on drugs, tried to get clean but that failed and things went downhill for her. Three police officers remain on routine leave until the criminal and internal investigations are complete. The district attorney will determine whether the use of force was justified. Via Police Activity.


A couple of Indiana brothers are in jail after they allegedly attacked a Michigan State Police trooper along the side of US-31 Monday morning in Berrien County. Michigan State Police say the trooper tried to pull over an unlicensed motorcyclist near Matthew Road in Berrien Township when the motorcyclist took off at a high speed. That resulted in a three mile chase which ended when the 21-year-old lost control of the bike. He then attacked the trooper. During that struggle, the motorcyclist’s brother pulled over and also started fighting with the trooper. Two passersby then stopped and stepped in, making it possible for the trooper to arrest the brothers. Police say the motorcycle was stolen out of Van Buren County, and the brothers may have been involved in several recent break-ins

The 2 Brother were arrest for attacking Trooper Garry Guild. Michael Scott Barber, 21, was arrested Monday, Feb. 20 on multiple felony charges , including assault and resisting an officer.Travis Wise, 19, was arrested Monday, Feb. 20 on multiple felony charges.

A group of boys in Chicago are alleged to have raped a 15-year-old girl and streamed it on Facebook Live. Roughly 40 people watched the brutal assault unfold, and not one saw fit to do anything about it.

Cops only discovered what had happened after the victim’s mother approached Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson as he was leaving a news conference late Monday.

She showed Superintendent Johnson screenshots of the assault. He’s since told a local new station, “What’s even more disturbing, more than the fact that they did this, there were so many people that saw this and they didn’t pick up the phone and dial 911. That’s just not right and (we’re) working on it and trying to bring it to a successful resolution.”

He’s ordered an investigation, and the department asked Facebook to pull the video offline. They complied.

The freshman victim had been reported missing after she didn’t return to home from the store. Her uncle somehow came across the video of the boys raping his niece, and she wasn’t found until Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, she appeared to be in “good condition”. She was then handed over to her mother.


Two 16-year-old boys in Utah have been arrested and charged after one of them shot a 14-year-old girl in the head. Why? One of them says he was tired of her constantly messaging him on Snapchat.

The duo carried out the brutal attack on Deserae Turner and left her for dead on February 16th.

She’d previously considered the boys, unnamed due to their ages, her friends.

One of the boys talked to her while the other snuck up behind her and shot her in the head. They left her in a canal to die.

She was in a state of disbelief when she learned what happened.

After the shooting, they stole her backpack which contained her cellphone and iPod.

She’d met the boys at the canal to buy a knife.

The shooter’s initial plan was to slit her throat and leave as she bled out. They decided it would be too noisy, so settled on shooting her.

One of the two took a shell casing home as a memento.

The bullet still remains lodged in Deserae Turner’s skull.

She was found barely alive by two women who were searching for her.

She was placed in a medically induced coma.

They’ve been charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery and obstructing justice.

May 8th is their next day in court to decide if they’ll be tried as adults or juveniles.



A 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed during a Sunday morning shootout amid a SWAT raid at Florida home.

Police were targeting Alteria Woods’ boyfriend and his father during the raid that left Woods dead and a deputy wounded.

Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said Woods was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire, but also said her boyfriend, 23-year-old Andrew Coffee IV, used her as a shield during the shootout.

“Andrew Coffee IV cowardly was using her as protection,” Loar said. The raid targeted Coffee IV and his father, Andrew Coffee III. Loar said it was in connection with a series of recent shootings, including a February incident in which a deputy was killed by a stray bullet.

However, Woods’ family says they’ve received few answers as they seek to learn how Woods was shot.

“We don’t know what to do, no closure,” said Arlene Cooper, Alteria’s aunt.

The father and son appeared in court Monday morning. A judge set bond for the elder Coffee at $93,000. The younger Coffee is being held on a $307,000 bond.

A father in Perth, Australia committed an unspeakable act against his three-year-old daughter, and his reasoning was even more bizarre.

44-year-old Edward John Herbert, an avid drug user, told his neighbor what he’d done to his daughter, and said it was because she was “too beautiful”. He also doused her seven-year-old and autistic sister in gasoline.

He’s now on trial for the incident which took place in August of 2015.

He admitted that he intended to kill the infant, but pleaded not guilty to five charges because he had/has an “unsound mind”.

His neighbor, Constable Stephanie Bochorsky, was watching TV when she heard “an altercation” between Mr. Herbert and his female partner.

When she asked the woman if she was okay, she replied, “No! He’s setting the kids on fire!”

That’s when the neighbor ran into the home and immediately smelled the gasoline.

“Her whole head was on fire,” the constable said in court with tears streaming down her face.

She then covered the victim in a blanket to put out the flames. As she did, she witnessed Herbert pouring gas onto his other daughter as she lay in bed..

She yelled for him to get away from the kids, but he ignored her completely.

Her first priority, she says, was to get the flames out.

She then dragged the older victim out of her bed and ran out of the house.

The three-year-old has burns to 13% of her body and will be permanently scarred from the harrowing ordeal.

Herbert was a marijuana user and drinker,and his partner says he was acting strange right before the incident; his mood was changing between happiness and anger.

She said in court that he was talking to himself and that she was scared.

At one point, she says, he told her, “The werewolf is coming at 12 o’clock.”

He decided to kill the kids instead, she says he later told her.

The trial is ongoing.


A stripper who’d made a deal to sell her newborn daughter for $1,700 backed out of that deal, and her intentions were only realized when the woman who was going to buy the baby girl took her to court.

22-year-old Keanaendigo James is now wanted on charges of theft and dealing in infant children.

The so-called mother says she was “acting in the best interests of her daughter,” who was born in July, when she signed a notarized agreement to sell her daughter to the woman last month.

She took the money, but never handed over the baby.

The would-be buyer then filed a civil lawsuit to get her money back. Ms. James appeared at the October 25th hearing and agreed to return the $1,700 to the woman.

The child is now in the care of her father.


A Georgia middle school teacher was just one of two people arrested Thursday in a staggering $6.2 million dollar drug bust.

28-year-old Karla Alvarez (above), a teacher at Chestatee Middle School Academy, as well as 24-year-old Monica Pascual Brito (below), were arrested at a home where cops found 61 kilos of cocaine, one kilo of heroin, anabolic steroids, and two semi-automatic assault rifles.

Both women have been charged with trafficking and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and heroin, as well as two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Cops are also searching for Monica Brito’s brother, 25-year-old Ricardo Pascual Brito (below), in connection with the crime.


A New Mexico mother and son who were separated by adoption some 18 years ago have fallen “madly in love” since reuniting…and it could cost them both their freedom.

37-year-old Monica Mares and 20-year-old Caleb Peterson were arrested in February of 2016 after a neighbor told cops about their illegal relationship.

The forbidden duo pair accepted a plea deal that would give them three years probation each as jury selection for a trial started Wednesday. Half of that probation would be supervised.

But they also have to stay away from each other for a year and a half.

They were charged with incest, a fourth-degree felony in the state of New Mexico, after a February 25th incident when an argument with their neighbor lead to that neighbor notifying cops.

They were both arraigned back in April and released on $5,000 with the condition that they stay away from each other.

Ms. Mares was also barred from seeing any of her other nine kids.

They were initially facing up to 18 months in prison, but District Attorney Andrea Reeb said neither had a criminal record and felt that treatment was more important than incarceration.

The case, although bizarre, isn’t unheard of in the medical field. It’s referred to as Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA, which is defined as sexual attraction between close relatives who met for the first time as adults.


A Michigan mother has been arrested and charged after having sex numerous times with a 14-year-old boy.

38-year-old Brooke L. Lajiness had been arraigned on March 3rd on 13 charges.

The affair was discovered by the boy’s mother. Ms. Lajiness purportedly confessed to having sex with him between eight and 15 times in the back seat of her car.

It all started last summer as the boy was graduating from middle school and moving on to high school.

As for the nude photos, she’d traded them back and forth while he was still in middle school. She’s facing additional charges for that.

She’s been charged with criminal sexual conduct, accosting a minor for immoral purposes, and furnishing obscenity to a child.

She was released after posting $50,000 bail.

As part of her bond, she isn’t allowed near school property or around minors except for her own children. She’s also barred from computers, social media websites, and can’t consume alcohol or drugs.

She’s due back in court on March 30th for a probable cause hearing.



A teacher in Lockhart, Texas has been arrested for having “an improper relationship” with a 17-year-old student.

Sarah Fowlkes, a teacher at Lockhart High School, had an investigation by authorities start on her after a school administrator contacted police when they received a “concerning report.”

Ms. Fowlkes turned herself in and was arrested for improper relationship between educator and student; a second-degree felony.

She’s currently being held in the Caldwell County Jail and has been suspended from the school.



Last week in Ahwatukee, AZ a man was murdered and the police caught up with the suspect later that day in North Phoenix. The suspect carjacked a Ford Ranger than this Corvette at gunpoint before the police rammed him into a pole. Of course, the news cut away after they crashed but I came across this video today. K9 goes to work on this murderer. Atta Boy!!!

Update: the suspect was shot three times. The first was a self-inflicted, the other two from police after the chase. He was pronounced dead on scene


The crazed ex-con accused of fatally driving over an FDNY medic with her own ambulance violently kicked out a police van window while hurling insults at cops less than a month ago. Jose Gonzalez, 25, was arrested and put in the NYPD vehicle after allegedly robbing someone in The Bronx on Feb. 25 around 4:30 a.m.