On Sunday, June 28th at 1:45 a.m, about 50 teenagers, lead by 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green, raced into a Walmart store located in Macon Georgia. Surveillance video reveals a horde of teens from the south side rushing into the store, smashing merchandise. Some snatched a man from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor. The damage has been estimated to be about $2,000.

The police were called and the teens fled the scene in various vehicles. They arrested Kharron Nathan Green when he returned to the store to retrieve his cellphone that he had dropped during the melee. He later told the police that the rampage was a planned event to see how much damage they could cause. He refused to give the names of the other teens that were involved in the incident.

Green was later released on bail set at $3,700 after being charged with inciting a riot and second-degree damage to property.