A 24-year-old Baker, Florida woman seemed very concerned about her future in the mugshot taken for her charges of child neglect after leaving a child unattended while she chugged Captain Morgan and passed out naked.

Whitney Kilcrease was arrested after her father caught her passed out drunk while caring for a young child in January.

Her father says he left to run errands on January 12th, leaving his daughter in charge of a young child. It’s unclear as of yet if the child is related to either her or her father.

When he came home a couple of hours later, he found her passed out on the floor while the child was playing alone nearby.

When she came to, he says she started swearing at him, then went next door to her uncle’s house where she tried to barricade herself inside.


Her father somehow managed to get the child away before Whitney locked herself in a room and started throwing things.

He then called police.

When deputies arrived, they found her asleep again, and naked.

She was taken to the North Okaloosa Medical Center where it was determined she had a blood alcohol content level of .305 – nearly four times the legal limit.

When she was questioned by police, she said that she didn’t remember anything after drinking the rum.

She was released the next morning and is due back in court on February 16th.