An Ohio college student was charged with drunk driving and receiving stolen property after she stole a catering truck.

19-year-old Monique Vanderhulst, a student at Bowling Green State University, was pulled over by cops after the owners of All Occasions Catering reported their truck was stolen.

The driver had left the truck running while making a delivery inside of a nearby building. When he came out, it was gone.

According to police, she went on quite a wild ride before she was pulled over.

She was seen hitting at least one vehicle, running over curbs in a parking lot, and driving so erratically that contents of the truck were falling out of it.

Deputy Chief of Bowling Green Police, Major Justin White, says Vanderhulst showed signs of “heavy alcohol consumption,” including alcohol on her breath and bloodshot eyes.

Authorities say she admitted that she’d been drinking earlier in the day.

She was also found to be carrying a fake Illinois ID which said she was 21.

She told officers that she thought the catering truck was her car…and that she didn’t even realize it was a truck.

She was taken to the Wood County jail after refusing to take a breath-analysis test at the station.

Addition to the drunk driving and receiving stolen property charge, she was also hit with a charge of giving false information to police, and of underage consumption of alcohol.