A Florida day care director was arrested after she was caught on video hitting a 4-year-old boy and slamming him on the ground.

As soothing music played to help the children at the Children’s Palace Learning Center sleep, there was nothing soothing about what was captured.

41-year-old Kimberly Marie Reid was secretly recorded by a co-worker swinging stuffed animals wildly at the toddler during nap time. When the camera went back to focus on Reid, she picked up the young boy by his arms and legs and dropped him down.

She was arrested on January 29th after the co-worker turned the short video clip over to the Department of Children and Families, which then passed it along to authorities.

It turned out her attacks at nap time had been going on for at least three weeks, according to a Child Protective Services investigator.

She told investigators that what the video showed was “not what it appears to be,” claiming she was just roughhousing with him.

She was charged with two counts of child abuse and held on $3,000 bail.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, since her arrest, there have been no children at the daycare center.

Parents were beside themselves after watching the disturbing video.

“Oh, my God! I’d kill her! As a mom, I’m sorry,” said one.

The owner of the facility has agreed to shut down the day care immediately.

Kimberly Reid was already on probation for two counts of welfare fraud, grand theft, and organized fraud.

Her court date for these latest charges is set for February 22nd.