An Orlando man is facing felony video voyeurism charges after police say he tried to secretly shoot cell phone video under a girl’s skirt at the Publix store. He was caught when he tried it again.

27-year-old Scott Wesley Irwin charged Wednesday after two incidents that occurred last month.

On February 3rd, a man later identified as Irwin was in the store carrying a hand basket with what appeared to be a box of saltine crackers in it and a cell phone on top of that.

A witness reported seeing the man lower the basket under a young girl’s cut-off jean shorts as he walked past her. The man then allegedly looked at his phone. He was also seen lowering the basket behind and below the skirt of a 6- to 7-year-old girl, the same witness claimed.

The witness went to a store employee, who then began following the man. He then left the store, but was seen driving away in a gray Nissan Titan pickup.

At the time, the witness and store manager didn’t report the incident to police, but the store manager said he’d review surveillance video.

Three weeks later, the same witness who’d seen all this go down before was at the same Publix when he saw that same man walk into the store again.

He followed the man to see if he would do what he’d done last time. Again carrying a hand basket with a box in it, he was seen following a young teen girl wearing a tennis skirt. The witness’ view temporarily became blocked, but by the time he saw the man again, he was looking at his phone.

This time, the witness went directly to the store manager, the same one he’d talked to three weeks earlier, to tell him that the man was back. They followed the man to his vehicle, and lo and behold, it was the same gray Nissan Titan. This time they got a license plate.

After reviewing surveillance footage again, the manager saw the man on video doing exactly what the witness had alleged he’d seen. He then called police.

Based on the witness testimony and the surveillance footage, police charged Mr. Irwin.

Orlando Police say that while Irwin’s arrest is based on what happened to one girl, they suspect there could be others.

They seized hiss cell phone and computer, and are now looking through those devices for more evidence as they continue to investigate this case.

Irwin posted $5,000 bond at the Orange County jail and was released pending his court date.