Bling was the undoing of a none-too-smart jewel thief.

Several thefts of the shimmering kind in the Boynton Beach, Florida area were being investigated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and Dupree Johnson (sometimes spelled Depree Johnson, depending on the source) was part of that investigation.

While taking a look at their unwitting suspect, they came across his Instagram account: Duce22ceritfied [sic]

On said Instagram, they found the suspect posing with cash, guns, at least one blunt, and many impressive pieces of jewelry.

Investigators eventually obtained his address and moved in. Once there, they recovered ‘numerous pieces of jewelry … (including) watches, charms, necklaces and loose diamonds, as well as two stolen firearms’ – about $250,000 worth.

He was then hauled in on a staggering 142 felony charges, including possession of weapons and ammunition by a convicted felon, and many others.

When detectives asked him for his occupation while they were writing their report, he replied with just one word: “Thief.”