A 24-year-old man is accused of exposing his genitalia and masturbating inside a Florida restaurant.

Deputies say the first incident took place on January 17th when Nicholas Scordato came to the restaurant, which hasn’t been named, along with a pregnant woman.

According to the victim, a waitress, he tried flirting with her; hitting on her. This upset the pregnant woman who was with him, so she left the restaurant.

The waitress continued serving alcohol to him, and noticed while bringing a drink to the table, that he had his genitalia completely exposed under the table and was masturbating.

She immediately ran to the kitchen and reported the incident to her boss.

A few days after the initial incident, the server was talking with co-workers about the ordeal and learned that he’d done this to others in the past.

A second victim alleges that he pulled down his pants in front of her, exposing his genitalia, and likewise masturbated. Deputies say that on that same day, he approached the second victim again and repeated the offense as he walked toward her.

This woman didn’t report the incident because she feared for her safety.

According to authorities, the following day, Scordato began texting the second victim asking if she wanted to see his genitalia again. It’s not clear how he got the woman’s cell phone number.

Scordato also texted asking her if he could call her and have her put the phone on speaker so he could masturbate to her voice, according to deputies.

Deputies tracked down the pregnant woman and she told them she left the restaurant because she knew he was touching himself under the table and that there were children nearby.

An arrest warrant was then issued for Scordato, and he was arrested Wednesday and charged with exposure of sex organs.

He’s being held on $2,000 bond.