A Florida man who was on his way to murder a man, murdered another man when his headlights blinded him.

28-year-old was taken into custody on Saturday after the murder of the two men, killed 35 minutes apart.

The first incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night. Officers had found 25-year-old Carlos Javier Francisco Senluis bleeding in his car. While Mr. Senluis’ passenger was okay, Carlos wasn’t as lucky and succumbed to his injuries later that night.

It’s been learned that the suspect was provoked when the headlights on Senluis’ car, headed the opposite direction, blinded him. He shot him for it.

While that crime scene was still active, Mr. Paul made it to his original destination and killed 22-year-old Lamont Smalls.

Mr. Smalls was a witness in an attempted murder investigation that had Paul listed as “a person of interest”.

Mr. Small was shot while sitting outside of his home. He died at the hospital.