A Florida stripper thought a mouthful of shirt would help taint the results of a breathalyzer after during her drunk driving arrest.

26-year-old ZyZe McCausland nearly crashed her Mazda SUV into another car at about around 2 a.m. Sunday, then yelled “Oh, fuck!” and sped off when a cop yelled for her to pull over.

The officer jumped into his cruiser and followed her with lights and sirens as she drove through several stop signs and recklessly careened into a school parking lot. That parking lot is next door to a police station and only has one entrance/exit.

She then got out of her car, tried desperately to revive her passed-out passenger, then tried to run away. Struggling, she was finally put in handcuffs.

Another responding officer noticed a fresh stamp on her arm from Rick’s Bar. She told the cop, “You’ll be sorry” and insisted they call security staff at the bar “because they would tell you not to arrest me,” according to the arrest report.


“I noticed McCausland had the overpowering odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath” and her eyes looked “extremely red, glassy and bloodshot,” the second officer wrote in the report. The officer noted she had “extremely rapid but slurred speech” and “when she walked anywhere she needed to be physically guided to prevent her from falling.”

The officers put Ms. McCausland into a squad car, much to the disagreement of the staggering stripper.

She initially refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, but begged for another chance upon arrival at the Monroe County Detention Center.

“McCausland begged for another chance to submit to the breath test, and since she was acting somewhat rational I removed the handcuffs,” the arresting officer documented. “I told McCausland not to place anything in her mouth, and she then stuffed a large portion of her shirt into her mouth and began chewing at the fabric.”

She was booked on misdemeanor DUI and resisting charges, along with a felony count of fleeing and eluding at high speed.