A Florida teacher has been fired after she was caught drunk trying to lead a class of first-graders.

Lynn Singleton was fired by the Broward County school board last Tuesday after she was seen by another teacher stumbling as she escorted her first-grade students to class at Lloyd Estates Elementary School on December 9th.

That teacher then told the principal, who could smell alcohol while talking with Ms. Singleton. The principal said that she was also “irritable and unable to respond to questions.”

She’d let her entire first-grade class go to a portable restroom unsupervised, and one student injured his finger when it got caught in a door on his way back to the classroom.

She was tested for alcohol and drugs under the district’s drug-free workplace policy. A Breathalyzer test showed two different results in two subsequent tests; both more than double the legal limit.

She’d been hired by the school district in 1996, and had been in trouble in the past for excessive absences and having a teacher sign her in when she wasn’t even there. She’s also had two DUIs, but failed to notify the district when applying for employment with them.

She was fired for office misconduct, immorality, incompetency, and willful neglect of duty.