A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is alleged to have groped a woman, then told her that he did it to help with her so-called insecurities.

35-year-old Trooper David Gonzalez is said to have pulled a woman over, then told her “you look really good tonight” before having her pull off to a side street.

He asked her to get out of her car, then took her phone and added himself to her Snapchat.

He’s then alleged to have taken a selfie with the victim, sent it to her friends, purportedly “to see if she thought he was cute.”

The woman alleges that he then started hugging her “because she looked nervous,” then kissed her neck and reached under her shirt to grope her breast.

The victim reported the trooper to an off-duty officer and authorities started monitoring Snapchat conversations between them.

She told Gonzalez over Snapchat that he “moved too fast with her,” and his reply was that “guys only want one thing and I wanted to treat you with respect and do away with you(r) insecurities about yourself.”

He was fired by the Florida Highway Patrol and has been charged with simple battery. He’s being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.