Deputies arrested a pair of twins Monday after a series of fights that are said to have involved a weed-eater and a fishing pole.

Matthew Summerall and Michael Summerall, 22, were charged with battery after the episodes. Michael also faces a charge of probation violation.

The twin brothers had been arguing verbally for several days over Matthew and his girlfriend moving out of their home.

Michael claims his brother threatened him, then hit him in the arm with a weed-eater. Michael says he ran away, but his brother chased him with a rake, then jumped on him and punched him.

Michael’s fiance told deputies that Matthew hit Michael with a tree branch, then began punching him.

Several friends, however, told authorities that they saw Michael pick up the weed-eater and chase Matthew with it, then dropped it and picked up a fishing pole and hit him with that.

Deputies arrested both men without incident and transferred them to the Lee County Jail.