A 34-year-old woman standing in front of Champions BBQ on Pine Street in Ocala, Florida was flashing and slapping her breasts at all comers, according to multiple witnesses.

Denise R. Belflower is also said to have gone to the ground at some point and started touching her vagina whilst yelling, “Someone come fuck me!”

Upon a search of the area by Officer Joseph Kelly of the Ocala Police Department, he saw a woman matching the description given walking north in front of a McDonald’s. He says in his report that he witnessed the woman lift her shirt and smack her breasts. Also according to the report, Ms. Belflower could be seen mouthing the words “Oh, shit” as he approached.

She vehemently denied flashing her breasts; instead claiming that she had been stung by a bee under her breasts and was ‘just trying to itch it’. She stated that she was drunk and said, “I have drunk a little Black Velvet” before being taken into custody.

She was charged with exposure of sexual organs.

Thus far, no bees have been found or charged.