A Florida woman arrested for stealing a vibrating “Ring of Bliss” sex toy told officers she took the item due to the fact her husband won’t touch her and she didn’t want to be unfaithful to him.

33-year-old Ashton Barton, who has prior convictions for theft, forgery, bad checks and possession of marijuana, was seen Friday morning hiding the vibrating toy while she shopped in a CVS pharmacy in Largo, Florida.

After a store employee told a patrolling cop, that officer approached her and asked her about the $15 item. She admitted taking it from its packaging and concealing it.

She says that when she spotted him inside the store, she ditched it.


She said to the officer, “My husband doesn’t want to touch me anymore. I would rather do this than be unfaithful.”

Because of her prior theft convictions, she was charged with a felony and booked into the county jail. She was released after posting $2000 bond.

The mother of four has been married to her husband for two years and wrote in a Facebook post, “I found true love and a husband who supports me in everything I do and want to do.”