Three women, including two sisters, and a man have been arrested and charged for a Chicago home invasion that left one of their posse dead and another injured.

19-year-old Brandy Marshall (below) had met with the homeowner for paid oral sex twice. The crew attempted to rob that homeowner this past Tuesday night. It all went much, much differently than they’d planned.


It was after that second meeting that she hatched the plan with her sister, 20-year-old Paige Marshall (first below), 20-year-old Sarah Risner (second below) and 23-year-old Tyler Gulli (third below) to rob the man’s home during her next visit.

Their plans were shot to hell when the homeowner opened fire. That hail of gunfire killed 19-year-old Anthony Dalton (fourth below) and took out Gulli’s femur.

The two males were armed with knives and had brandished them before they were introduced to the bullets.

The homeowner, who has remained unidentified, does have a concealed carry permit.

The original plan was for Brandy and Ms. Risner to enter the house and open the door to let in the other three.


Risner then told the homeowner she needed to get condoms out of the car, but she wasn’t able to open the door to the home.

When the homeowner went to help her, he saw someone crouching outside.

He slammed the door shut, got his gun from the kitchen, and found all five suspects now inside.

That’s when he let loose a hail of gunfire.

Dalton suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was transported to hospital, and was later pronounced dead.

After the chaos, Risner, Brandy and Gulli fled the scene in the car they’d driven there. Paige, on the other hand, stayed behind somewhere outside the house.

She was arrested after coming out of the woods around the home when officers arrived at the scene.


The suspects in the car dropped the injured Gulli off at a hospital, where he’s being treated for his fractured femur.

Risner and Brandy were eventually found after Paige gave investigators information that led them to the car.

The four of them were charged with first-degree murder and home invasion.

Prosecutors say they’re also being held responsible for Mr. Dalton’s death because it occurred while they were committing a crime.


His death has been listed as a homicide, but charges haven’t been filed against the homeowner.

Thus far, it isn’t clear how Brandy and the homeowner had arranged her prior visits to his home.

Risner, Brandy and Paige are being held on $2 million bonds, and are due in court on August 3rd. Gulli will appear in court upon his release from the hospital.