A 30-year-old Riviera Beach woman was mugged on Nov. 30th but had a key piece of evidence to take to police: the attacker was none other than her ex-boyfriend, Leanord Farmington.

Police arrested Farmington on Dec. 3rd after the unnamed woman recognized his voice. “Leanord, why are you doing this?” she reported asking him during the mugging.

According to the police report, she was on her way to work which involved entering a secure gated area. Farmington pushed his way into the gate after her and ordered her to give him her bag.

After a brief verbal altercation, Farmington pushed her to the ground and ran off with her phone and wallet.

The couple had broken up only a month before.

Farmington was not caught at the time, but was found on the same block just a few days later, robbing an attorney’s office in the early morning. After running from police and damaging two fences, he was found by a K-9 Unit.

He is currently being held without bail on charges of robbery, resisting an officer, and injuring a fence.