A Georgia man in state prison walked away from a work detail in east Athens earlier this week and has since been arrested after allegedly beating a Gwinnett police officer in the head and face with his own baton.

25-year-old David Gill is said to have fled the work detail Monday.

He’s serving a sentence after a conviction in Clayton County on a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He isn’t scheduled for release until February of 2018.

A Gwinnett officer assigned to the East Precinct noticed a man, later identified as Gill, walking down the highway carrying a duffle bag just after 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Officers had responded to a burglary attempt at a nearby business the day before.

“With that in mind, the officer attempted to make contact with the male,” Gwinnett police Cpl. Deon Washington said. “When the male saw the patrol car, he began running away.”

The officer then caught up to him behind a building in the 2100 block of Village Broad Street.

“As the officer attempted to gain control over the suspect, a physical altercation ensued and the officer’s baton became dislodged from its scabbard,” Washington said. “The suspect picked up the baton and struck the officer in the face several times.”

The officer was bleeding badly, dizzy, and was having a difficult time seeing the suspect when the officer drew his service weapon and ordered him to the ground, according to Cpl. Washington.

“The suspect immediately dropped the baton and sat on the ground,” he said. “When additional officers arrived at the location, the suspect was taken into custody.”

Both the officer and Gill — who reportedly gave a false name and date of birth — were taken to Gwinnett Medical Center.

The officer is believed to have received a concussion and required 10 staples in his head. He was released from the hospital early Wednesday.

Mr. Gill was treated for a cut on his hand and released.

“Gill threw a rock through a store window, used a pipe to clear the glass, and then climbed through the window,” Washington said. “He ultimately stole several cartons of cigarettes and lighters before fleeing the store.”

He was booked into the Gwinnett County Detention Center on burglary, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, and other charges.

“This case is a clear illustration of the inherent dangers that police officers face while protecting the life and property of the citizens in Gwinnett County,” Washington said.