A Georgia man has been arrested in the slaying of two teens behind a Publix grocery store.

20-year-old Jeffrey Hazelwood is alleged to have shot 17-year-old Natalie Henderson and 17-year-old Carter Davis, each with one shot to the head on August 1st.


Charged with two counts of murder, he appeared in court this past Friday. During the hearing, he looked around aimlessly, pet an imaginary animal, and his hands shook uncontrollably; and it wasn’t anxiety. He looked calm as a cucumber the entire time.

The teens were found by a delivery driver around 6 a.m. Monday with gun shots to the head.


Hazelwood had stolen Natalie’s debit card and was seen on surveillance video using it shortly after the murders.

He muttered to himself as the judge addressed him Friday.


His attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman, refused to answer any questions about his client’s mental health, and gave his condolences, as well as claiming clarity will come as time passes..

Aside from the murder charges, he’s been charged with aggravated assault, theft, and financial fraud.