A Georgia man has been sentenced to four years in prison for using a blowtorch to set a doghouse on fire with the dog locked inside of it.

23-year-old Caleb Lanier was convicted of felony animal cruelty and second-degree criminal damage to property after authorities in Atlanta say the dog suffered burns to 60% of her body.

The dog, which is his brother’s, was attacked with the blowtorch in May of 2015. Lanier then sealed her inside the doghouse and set it ablaze.


Veterinarian Regan Buford has adopted the dog and helped her through the recovery. She named her Sweet Potato Fry.“

Lanier was purportedly once an honor roll student “with a promising future,” according to friends and family.

The prosecution asked for an eight-year sentence, but the Cobb County judge gave him four years in prison and six years of probation.