A Georgia mother and prostitute recruited her8-year-old daughter to take naked photos of dear ol’ mom for the purposes of her job. The girl also witnessed her mother having sex with a man..

Destiny Delana Rosenberger may also have prostituted the girl to men, court documents allege.

An investigation started on March 7th, the same day the young girl was removed from Ms. Rosenberger’s home by the Department of Family and Children Services, which had contacted authorities with suspicions the child had been sexually abused.

The 8-year-old underwent an extensive “forensic interview” during which  she “described multiple instances of child molestation and possible exploitation”.

She described in disturbing detail how her mother had posed for the photos which she’d forced her to take with her mom’s cell phone. Those photos were then “sent to guys that she just met,” she told them.

Rosenberger “created photographic profiles of herself which were shared on different websites to solicit men,” according to the Sex Crimes Unit’s commanding officer, Lt. Jeff Clark.

A cousin who lived with the girl was also was interviewed, and she told cops that the cousin had witnessed the victim taking the photos of her naked mother. This cousin also told them that when cops arrived at the home, Rosenberger started trying to factory reset her phone and delete everything.

It was also learned that Ms. Rosenberger allegedly punched the victim when she didn’t want to do it, before grabbing her by the neck while she was in the shower in order to force water into the victim’s nose and mouth.

Back in the victim’s interview, she described “multiple instances that indicate her mother is involved in prostitution and participating in sexual activities in the presence of the child,” according to the affidavit.

The mother also took the girl to meet men, which she talked about making her feel uncomfortable…especially when her mom approach men on the street and kiss them.

The girl went on to describe how she was once there during an encounter between her mom and a customer, and watched as they had sex. The detective says in the affidavit that he believed the young girl was present for “multiple” such encounters.

Alarmingly, the girl also said called some of the men as “almost her [the girl’s] friend” as well, which led the detective to write that it “could indicate that the mother is prostituting [the girl].”

The alleged abuse is purported to have taken place in Athens from around the 1st of February, on up to March 7th, when she was removed from the home, also allegedly occurring prior to Ms. Rosenberger moving from Florida to Athens with her daughter.

Destiny Rosenberger was arrested on June 9th and charged with first-degree child cruelty, child molestation, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual battery, and sexual exploitation of a minor.

A judge refused to set bail during a June 22nd hearing, believing that Rosenberger might re-offend or flee if allowed out of jail.

The child exploitation case is still waiting to be presented to a grand jury.