A 19-year-old Georgia man was arrested after he was caught with a naked underage girl in his car.

A police officer patrolling near a school caught the pair in a car behind North Augusta High School around 1:45 a.m. Both occupants were naked.

The 15-year-old admitted that she’d met 19-year-old Davion Turner on Instagram and had snuck out of her house to meet and have sex with him.

Turner had attempted to start the car when he saw police approaching.

The officer called for additional untits, and when they arrived, they approached the car.

By that time, Turner had moved to the driver’s seat, and the girl had stayed in the back seat. She was still not wearing a shirt or bra, however.

A used condom and various articles of clothing were found lying throughout the car.

He told the officers that he’d met the girl through mutual friends on Instagram, and had only been talking to her for about a month. Their sexual encounter on Sunday, he claimed, was their first time meeting in person.

When police interviewed the girl, she confessed that she wanted to have sex with Turner, and that she’d called him and asked to meet with him.

He’d (obviously) agreed and picked her up from her house after she snuck out without her parents’ knowledge or permission.

He further told officers that he’d felt “uneasy” about the encounter and had stopped it, but not before touching her.

The girl also told them that they did not have sex, but that they did “mess around.”

Police called the girl’s mother who took her daughter to the hospital for a physical exam.

Turner was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree and was booked into Aiken County Jail.