Chilling video has emerged showing the suspected gunman who killed 17 people and wounded 17 more at a Florida high school in February bragging about his plans to carry out the massacre. ‘When you see me on the news you’ll know who I am,’ Nikolas Cruz says while laughing creepily in three separate clips recorded on his cell phone. ‘You’re all going to die. Pew pew pew. I can’t wait.’ The video clips were released by Florida prosecutors


A 14-year-old boy says he was arrested at the Warren Theatre in east Wichita because his pants were sagging.

Alonzo Taylor Jr says he went to the East Warren 20 with a group of friends when the manager approached him about his pants.

“A couple of seconds after leaving the concessions counter, the manager walked up and said to pull up your pants or you’ll be escorted,” Taylor said.

He says he couldn’t find a belt to wear and his pants began sagging while he was carrying a drink and popcorn.


Investigators seized a semi-truck truck on Saturday that had $90.8 million worth of liquid methamphetamine in the driver’s side fuel tank. The truck was being handled by 49-year-old Raul Topete Arreola and 48-year-old Aquileo Perez Pineda. Each man has been charged with three counts of trafficking methamphetamine. In total, there were 120 gallons of liquid meth in the tank, which, according to Harnett County Sheriff Wayne Coats, would be converted into 454 kilograms of crystal meth. This is estimated to have a street value of almost $91 million.

Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren was doused with water by a woman while she was having brunch with her mother in a Minneapolis restaurant on Sunday.

Video footage of the incident shows an unidentified woman flinging a cup of water at Lahren and her mother as they were leaving the rooftop of UNION Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

The clip appears to have been recorded on Snapchat. It includes the captions ‘Lol’ as well as an emoji showing hysterical laughing.

The caption on the bottom of the screen reads: ‘Throws a drink on Tomi Lahren hahahaha.’

You’d think that pulling into a gas station and leisurely getting out on foot would tip off the seasoned newsmen at KTLA that you are not in fact the suspect in a police chase.


According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Holroyd is a suspect in a homicide investigation from earlier today in Walton County. According to the WCSO, 30-year-old Clinton Street was found with multiple gunshot wounds at a residence on White Heron Drive in Santa Rosa Beach. Law enforcement officials in both counties were working together to locate Holroyd in Panama City. When BCSO deputies arrived at the Briarwood Apartment Complex on Beck Avenue, an unknown number of shots were fired according to Bay County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Ruth Corley.


Gunned-down teacher Rachael DelTondo was in a ‘serious relationship’ with the brother of the teenage boy she had previously found in a ‘steamed up’ car with late at night

She was caught in a steamed-up car in woodland near Aliquippa, PA, in February 2016 with his brother Sheldon Jeter Jr, then 17, and begged cops not to tell her then-fiance, a millionaire businessman.

DelTondo was gunned down on her driveway on Sunday night after returning home from a trip to buy ice cream with a third brother – Tyrie Jeter – and a female friend.


WHITE HAVEN, Pa. — An empty school bus and downed trees–that’s what parents say they saw on Tuesday when they were searching for their kids from Fairview Elementary School after the storm.

Parents say they were told by the Crestwood School District their kids would be late because of the bad weather, but after a half hour went by, parents like Domenica Solarek took matters into their own hands.

“Everybody was frantic looking for their kid,” said Solarek.

Parents say their kids’ usual bus driver got stuck in the mud and needed to leave the bus behind. That’s when Cindy Keil showed up in a different bus and the students got on.

When Solarek finally found the bus and talked to her son Benjamin, he said some of the students on the bus were crying. Solarek said her relief quickly turned into outrage.


The elderly gentlemen gave the seductress a car, family heirlooms and even added her to his bank account.

Shelly Streck was getting paid in cash to take care of an 85-year-old man’s bedridden wife in Enid, Oklahoma.

Then, authorities say, she took things a step further and began trying to bilk the couple out of nearly everything they owned.

The 36-year-old was charged Friday with two counts of abuse by the caretaker, according to online court records.



MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. – Recently unsealed court documents reveal gruesome details in the murder of a five-year-old boy with special needs, according to WXIN.

Steven Ingalls is accused of the asphyxiation and intentional overdose death of Brayson Price.

The child’s mother, Meghan Price, faces conspiracy to commit murder and neglect charges.

“The apartment was a small two-bedroom apartment. The argument is it’s impossible for this much violence without the other person not waking up and knowing what’s going on,” said Prosecutor Steve Sonnega. “They were both there. Mr. Ingalls took the position as a caregiver living with the mother.”

Ingalls called Mooresville police on the morning of Nov. 23, 2016, to report an unresponsive child.

While Brayson was rushed to the hospital, the first officer on the scene spotted “a large amount of blood in the bedroom” where the boy was found.

“Things just didn’t look right,” Detective Chad Richhard is quoted as saying in court documents.

During the initial stage of the investigation, Richhart told the court he was able to examine the cell phones of both Ingalls and Price.

Ingalls, Price’s boyfriend since 2014 and the father of the couple’s toddler son also named Steven, allegedly used his cell phone to conduct internet searches the month before Brayson’s death with topic lines such as, “kill my mentally retarded step-son, torture techniques, beat child with fragile X abuse, I want to kill my autistic child, painful ways to die, most painful torture,” according to the PC.


The NYPD released a video showing the recent assault of a 49-year-old man in the Bronx. The video shows the man being pushed out of the store by another man, who then beats him and steals his wallet before taking off. People are seen walking around the two men during the robbery, without helping. The incident happened just before 8am last Thursday, on the 1200 block of Wheeler Avenue in Soundview. The assailant remains at large.


An accused Islamic terrorist who allegedly yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he attacked his neighbor with a hunting knife likened the stabbing to eating a chocolate bar in a chilling police interview.

Ihsas Khan was charged with committing a terrorist act and wounding with intent to murder after Wayne Greenhalgh was hacked to near-death in Minto, western Sydney, in 2016.

A detective asked Khan how he felt after allegedly stabbing the then 57-year-old in a police interview shown in court on Wednesday.


A former Mississippi teacher is believed to be on the run with a 16-year-old student. Oscar and Lisa O’Neal are appalled about what they are calling a forbidden love affair between their son, Oscar O’Neal III and his former Forrest County teacher, Nicole Jackson, 30.

“I know he ran off with a school teacher that was supposed to be teaching him,” Oscar O’Neal II said. “This lady with all this authority. She was the one supposed to be looking out for my child in school and teaching him, not going with him. I don’t really know much to say, just I want her brought to justice, and I want my son home.”


A father is under arrest after allegedly beating his daughter at school he is facing child abuse charges.

The father, Raymond Emilio Rosario, is also a Miami-Dade police officer with a position at an airport.

Police say on March 19th, a teacher called to tell him his 14-year-old daughter was being disrespectful.

After he arrived at the school’s front office, surveillance video shows him slapping his daughter in the face, grabbing her by the hair and striking her twice on the legs with a belt.

Employees didn’t intervene at the time but did eventually report the incident to the Florida Department of Children and families.

Rosario surrendered to authorities for child abuse with no great bodily harm on April 2.

The Miami-Dade Police Department suspended him with pay.


An officer with the Round Rock Police Department was conducting a traffic stop. The officer had noticed that the Honda Accord he pulled over was driving too close behind another vehicle. After the occupants of the vehicle struggled and gave conflicting stories to the officer, a K-9 unit dog gave a positive alert giving away the drugs to authorities. All 71lbs of the methamphetamine totals out to a street value of $2million.


Kristen ‘Kriste’ Aragon and her friend Melissa Goelz were arrested for kidnapping and molesting a 14-year-old boy they met online playing video games

A 14-year-old Oklahoma boy was kidnapped by two New Mexico women after meeting one of them on Xbox LIVE and it “got sexual,” police say.

The boy told police that one of the women invited him to a game in an Xbox LIVE party, according to an affidavit obtained by The Claremore Daily Progress.

The 35-year-old woman then asked for his number, News9 reported, and she started texting him.


Macrina Perez hardly cuts an imposing presence.

But federal prosecutors are alleging that the 25-year-old mother of two, with roots in both Minnesota and Mexico, has in her young life managed to lead one of the biggest meth trafficking cells Minnesota has ever seen.

“Ms. Perez is as connected to Mexican drug cartels based on this evidence as anyone I have ever prosecuted, and it’s somewhat remarkable,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Steinkamp told a judge this month in one of Perez’s first court appearances since being arrested in April at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Drug agents have been investigating the cell at least three years, and a May 2016 takedown of a Brooklyn Center stash house netted a historic 140 pounds of meth found throughout the home. Much of it was packed tightly into plastic quart-sized bags for distribution, but agents also found liquid meth cooling in a freezer and residue left behind in roasting pans in the kitchen.

Perez’s alleged involvement has been kept secret until now. She was charged nearly two years ago in a sealed indictment that relied on cooperation from several informants whose identities are still protected by the government.

“She wasn’t the courier,” Steinkamp said in court this month. “She’s the CEO of this organization. She’s running it.”



ROCHESTER, N.Y. – One person is behind bars, another hospitalized after an argument spilled into the street and ended with a hit-and-run.

It happened just after midnight on E. Main Street at Beechwood Street in Rochester.

Police say Jaide Campbell, 24, of Greece, was trying to hit her ex-boyfriend with a car, but ran into someone else instead.

The woman drove up onto the sidewalk, missed her ex, hit another woman, and fled the scene.

The 26-year-old victim was taken to Rochester General Hospital with minor injuries.

The suspect was found on Herkimer Street a short while later and taken into custody. She is charged with felony assault, DWI, and leaving the scene of an accident.


A Denver woman was cited for allegedly heating up urine in a 7-Eleven microwave to the point that it exploded, damaging property.

Angelique Sanchez, 26, was found at the Concentra Health Clinic just a half-mile north of the 7-Eleven that she was said to have visited in Aurora, Colorado.

A police report from the Aurora Police Department dated May 3 states that the woman needed to take a physical and had to do a urinalysis for a job prospect.

A “homeless-looking” man in Oregon has confessed to sexually assaulting a horse after its owner found the animal “tied up in an unusual way” inside its stable, police and court documents say.

Kenneth Lijah Duyck, 20, is in Washington County Jail Thursday on suspicion of sexual assault of an animal and second-degree burglary stemming from the incident last week on a rural property in Hillsboro.


Anika Witt, 27, pleaded guilty to felony charges as part of sentence agreement

During an appearance in Circuit Court in McLean County, Illinois, Anika Witt, 27, copped to a pair of felony charges as part of a plea agreement that requires her to testify at trial against an acquaintance with whom she was arrested last September.

The serial criminal was stopped with Clinton McDonald, 29, on Interstate 55 just north of Bloomington. Ecstasy and heroin were found in their car.


Priscilla Marisol Flores, 34, was arrested at about 2:15 a.m. Wednesday after she closed down the Applebee’s restaurant located on San Dario Avenue with a rowdy outburst that included taking food off other customers’ plates and falling off a chair, according to El Manana newspaper.

When police arrived, at around 1 a.m., Flores was doing a dance on top of the Applebee’s bar, according to the Laredo Morning Times. Police told the newspaper that after identifying the woman with bloodshot eyes, dancing on the bar, as Flores, they told her to get down.
Flores allegedly cursed at the officers and tried hitting them when they told her to get down, according to the paper.

She was reportedly with a female companion who refused to take her home.

The officers offered to take her home and when they got to her house found Flores’ two 12-year-old children asleep in separate bedrooms.