Extremely disturbing video footage of model Berenger Rose cowering and covered in bruises has taken the Internet by storm. The saddest part is the fact that her attacker is her own husband.

The 27-year-old model is from Sydney, Australia and met her husband, 25-year-old Shane Cuthbert, on Instagram.

Berenger, who’s been featured on the cover of Zoo magazine, said her husband’s temper went haywire the minute they exchanged their vows last year.

She said that what started with a slap on the face, soon became unspeakable acts of violence. He’d slammed her head against a brick wall, used a cheese grater on her leg, torn clumps of her hair from her scalp, and she even claims he raped her.


In the last six months of their matrimonial nightmare, she claims he violently beat her “maybe everyday” and that she felt like a prisoner in her own home.

Shane had started tracking her every move, controlling her phone, and wouldn’t even allow her to leave the house for work…or make contact with the outside world, really.

He resorted to stacking furniture as a barricade to stop her from leaving the house.


As mentioned, the pair met on Instagram. Shane had messaged her and somehow charmed her into letting him move in just a month later. He asked her to marry him the second month.

Once they got married, however, she says he forced her to move from her home in Sydney and move to Mackay, an “away from it all” town in northern Queensland where she knew no one.

“There was no privacy. I couldn’t go to the bathroom with the door closed,” she told A Current Affair.

She says that she’d often lay awake fearing she’d “become another domestic violence statistic”.


“Every day, I thought, ‘I’m going to be that next victim. I’m going to be that next woman that gets killed,'” she said.

It took its emotional toll as it was, but got worse, she says, when she sat alone on the bathroom floor and had a miscarriage while Shane was out drinking with friends all night.

She says she didn’t report the abuse out of fear for her life and didn’t dare try to go to a hospital for treatment.

“He’d call me crazy; tell me I was the one abusing him, and I believed him. I thought I was the one with the problem,” she said.


According to A Current Affair, Shane has an extensive criminal history and had even been featured on their own show as an out-of-control child whose parents were struggling with his ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) diagnosis.

The 25-year-old thug is now in police custody and is expected to face a plethora of charges in Mackay Magistrates Court on March 16th.

He’s been charged for making and detonating an explosive device in Bowen on Christmas Eve, one count of willful damage, and one count of contravening a domestic violence order, which occurred on February 29th.


It’s unknown thus far whether or not Ms. Rose has spoken to police about the allegations of abuse she’s made against her husband on A Current Affair.