A New York City man who beat his wife’s would-be rapist to death was released from custody Tuesday, and it was to a small crowd of cheers.

61-year-old Mamadou Diallo was joined by members of the Guinean community and his family as he left Bronx Criminal Court following the judge freeing him on his own recognizance.

He’d been arrested on Monday night and charged with manslaughter after he’d beaten 43-year-old Earl Nash to death with a tire iron inside of his apartment building’s elevator.

Mr. Diallo was outside of his building when his 51-year-old wife called him and said a man broke in, dropped his pants, and said, “I’m going to rape you.”

The husband immediately ran inside, found the would-be rapist, and fractured his skull with the tire iron as Nash tried to fight back with his belt.


He died at Lincoln Hospital about three hours later from “severe trauma to his head and body.”

The now-dead assailant, who has many priors, got into the building around 10 p.m. by following a resident in.

He’d knocked on several apartments asking for water before the wife, since identified as Nenegale Diallo, opened the door thinking it was her son.

Her sister was also home at the time.

Nash forced his way in, locked the door behind him, and started taking off his pants.

When Mrs. Diallo offered him money, he purportedly said, “I don’t want money. I’m going to rape you.”

He struggled with both women, attacking the sister first, before then hitting Mrs. Diallo in the head with a chair. He then tore off her clothes after she tried running to the door for help.


The two women struggled with him for roughly 20 minutes, and managed to fight him off long enough for Nenegale to call her husband.

Mr. Diallo, a cab driver, was in his car outside of the building.

He rushed inside and found Nash on the sixth floor, and his wife naked in the hallway.

She told a newspaper, “While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die. I told my husband, ‘Don’t let him out!'”

The two men then fought in the elevator, left covered in blood after Mr. Diallo cracked Nash’s skull.

Mr. Diallo was arrested on charges of manslaughter, claiming “…self-defense. He threatened my wife. He threatened my wife,” as he left the police station.


His wife had sustained minor injuries, considering, such as bruises and bumps on her head.

The couple’s son says, “I was shocked. I was mad. I had many different emotions going through my mind,” and added that he was glad his father had stepped in.