An Idaho woman, the mother of a five-month-old girl, has been arrested for exposing her infant to meth via her breast milk from August of last year and January of this year.

25-year-old Samantha Lee Caroline Morikawa has also been charged with aggravated assault for attacking the baby’s father, who’d intervened to take the child from her upon learning of her drug use.

The arrest came after a domestic dispute that the cops were called about. The father of the tiny girl told authorities that he was upset when he found out she’d been texting back and forth with a drug dealer.

Drug tests found meth in her system after the arrest.

She was sentenced this month, by First District Judge Barbara Buchanan, to four years in prison on each charge, but told her that if she completed a year-long drug treatment program in jail, she may be eligible for early release.

Ms. Morikawa told the judge, in her bid for leniency, that she was unaware that meth could be transmitted to her baby through breast milk.

“I’m aware that the trouble I caused was not small at all. I’m trying really hard,” she told the court.

Prosecutors, however, said she’d shown increasing levels of violence and drug addiction since first coming into the court’s sites back in 2012.

“We do think she needs more structured treatment in order to be able to get over that and to reduce the risk to her children,” Bonner County Deputy Prosecutor Katie Murdock said according to court documents.