An Indianapolis man has been handed 17 charges in connection to a four-day killing spree last month, which was inspired by the film “The Purge”.

19-year-old Jonathan Cruz, according to Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, went on the four-day, killing spree.

Cruz told witnesses that he was “going purging” and then posted graphic messages with captions such as “I purge every night now.”

In the movie that inspired the unspeakable acts, the United States government legalizes all crime, including murder, for just one day, with no legal consequences.

Mr. Cruz is accused of committing three murders between May 12th and May 15th. Authorities say he killed Billy Boyd and Jay Higginbotham on May 12th. Cruz had purportedly told one of his friends that he needed to leave Indianapolis “asap.”

But on the following Sunday, he allegedly killed Jose Ruiz inside of his car. According to court documents, he picked his victims at random.

He was already being held on kidnapping charges before investigators were able to determine that he could have been responsible for the killing spree across the city in the mid-May. The kidnapping victim told detectives that Cruz was murdering and robbing people on the east side of Indianapolis.

“The charges against Mr. Cruz arise out of statements made to several witnesses, photos, videos and text messages taken from a phone seized from him when he was arrested on May 16th,” Curry said.

Cruz is also a suspect in a May 14th robbery. Steven Clark has also been charged in connection with the robbery.

Cruz’s 17 charges include three murder charges for each victim, attempted robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, two counts of robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, armed robbery, intimidation, two counts of pointing a firearm, and criminal gang enhancement.

Prosecutors may seek the death penalty.