An Indiana man was arrested after grabbing several women’s derrieres as part of a “mating call”.

35-year-old George Owens was spotted by an officer sprinting down the street before ducking into Ball & Biscuit, a pretty popular bar known for its cocktails.

While there, he quickly grabbed and squeezed the butts of two women.

Around a minute later, he was back in the street.

He was taken into custody and told cops he was running around “trying to get his heart rate up”.He explained that running and showing his energy was his “mating call,” and that he was out looking for a mate.

He denies having grabbed any butts, however, saying he’d just brushed passed the two women on his way to the bathroom.

Not helping his case is the fact that, earlier this month, he was accused of grabbing a woman’s breast as she was walking downtown. She told cops that he’d approached her and, while trying to reach for her purse, grabbed her breast.

In that incident, he was charged with misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury. He pleaded guilty, was given a year’s probation, and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

This latest incident violated that probation, and the prosecutor’s office is asking that he be held for at least seven days.

He’s been charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery and remains in the Marion County Jail on a $500 bond.