A woman in Michigan City, Indiana has been arrested following a domestic dispute that led to her boyfriend’s testicle literally dropping onto the ground while he was talking to responding officers.

36-year-old Tara Danielle Pegues and her boyfriend, 38-year-old Anthony Black had gotten into a heated argument about alleged infidelity on his part.

When officers responded to a third-party call about it at just before 4 p.m. last Thursday, the couple insisted nothing was wrong.

Both of them insisted numerous times that the argument was only verbal; never physical.

But, as Mr. Black was talking with police, he “reached down and picked something up that had rolled onto the ground,” according to the report.

Officers say his posture changed immediately as he told them “his [scrotum] was cut” and that “his testicle had just fallen out onto the ground.”

He was immediately transported to a hospital for treatment and gave cops a more detailed report of the incident.

he says he and Ms. Pegues were arguing over his supposed cheating when she turned abusive.

Officers noted a fresh cut to the right side of his neck and right cheek, but he wasn’t able to how they happened.

He says “she ‘snapped’ on him and that he tried to leave, but she refused to allow him to. When he got to the front door, she grabbed his testicles, causing one of his testicles to become detached from his body.”

Police, after hearing the story, obtained a warrant, then returned to the scene of the crime and arrested Ms. Pegues.

She’s been charged with Level 6 felony domestic battery, Level 3 felony aggravated battery, and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement.